Getting to the root of feminine success: Embody the Boss Mama (Archetype #5)


You’ve heard of her. You’re bombarded by her through advertising. You’ve measured yourself up against her shiny perfection and it feels rubbish. Maybe you wonder if pursuing feminine success has to make you feel like crap – or is there another way?


Of all the facets of the mother, at first glance this archetype might be confused with the patriarchally prescribed “super-mum” caricature.


But I’m here to assure you that the damaging, unattainable super-mum “success-at-all-costs” illusion is not what we’re speaking to here. This archetype is all about redefining feminine success.


Introducing the Boss Mama – redefined.


The Diamond Mother Boss Mama archetype rejects the model of success that we’re brainwashed into striving for in the western world.


She wants us to unlearn these social memes in order to reclaim our potential for TRUE personal success:


That busy is best.

That there’s no gain without pain.

That we must be a slave to the corporate hierarchy to “achieve”.

That more equals happy.

That intellect is more valuable than body wisdom or intuition.


See, it doesn’t matter how ridiculously capable we are, as actual non-flying / non-cape-wearing humans, we can only accomplish so much from our mental determination alone, before burning out.


The tricky part is, as modern women we’ve been taught we can have it all. At once.


So off we go, striving to achieve all we aspire to all at once, running ourselves into the ground, holding ourselves up to ridiculous standards, and we’re glorified for it in the process.


Our culture celebrates those who can perfect an Elsa braid and bring home a massive wage simultaneously, all while looking glamorous and exuding Mother Theresa-like zen in the face of it all.


No wonder an enormous number of mothers believe there’s something wrong with them.


The Boss Mama “super mum” image we’ve bought into is literally a fictional character, designed to keep us in our place.


Small. Disempowered. Desperate for external guidance on how to be “better” or “fixed”.


The re-defined Diamond Boss Mama wants you to know you’re so much more powerful than you’ve ever believed.


Working with this archetype can bring about life-changing shifts in perception, integration and sustainable feminine success.





1. It’s all about that base. 


Thanks to early formative messages I received that drive, determination, kick-ass success and wealth were all to do with “getting my head in the game” and “playing with the big boys”; during my high school years I gradually began let go of any trust I had in my instinctual, feeling body, the nourishing activities that provided me with a sense of self, and my natural connection to the earth.


It seemed that over time, I began to internalise that creativity was frivolous, my senses weren’t to be relied upon for credible information, and my feminine power was… hang on – there’s no such thing as feminine power, that’s ridiculous!


Science and Math were superior forms of knowledge. Cognitive, clinical approaches trumped the humanist and artistic.


Life was a head game… and for a deep feeling, yet ambitious woman, this would mean rejecting whatever resides below her neck to succeed.


Oh, how I abandoned myself over time.



It wasn’t until I birthed my first child, that some remembrance returned.


But truthfully, it wasn’t until my second daughter came into the world that my body started to fight for my attention, causing me to listen harder.


Causing me to come back to my roots, once and for all.


The Boss Mama Archetype sources her drive, determination, kick-ass success and wealth from her base. 


From a deep, delicious rootedness to the earth, her body and her feminine pleasure-filled, essence.


This is your first port-of-call when inviting intimacy with this facet of the mother. Dropping into and moving from your physical and energetic root. Cultivating a relationship with the depths of your physical form – in connection with the Great Mother that holds you. 


This is pussy power.


Sustainable success derived from consistently anchoring into safety and rootedness through the body. 


When this reframe becomes embedded in devotional embodied practices to support your mothering, work and relationships, you will then truly become the Boss of your life. 


2. Feminine feeling as STRENGTH


It’s everywhere you look:

SMASH your goals!

BREAK through your limitations!

PUSH past the barriers!

FIGHT for what is yours!


The barrage of dominant masculine messages, declaring that there is only one way to achieve success.




Yet, when you’re rooted in your Boss Mama from a place of alignment, this won’t feel good.


This archetype prizes collaboration over competition. She naturally grows, evolves and succeeds due to authenticity over strategy. She seeks to feel spacious and expansive as she works with her feminine cycles, instead of hustling without reprieve.


Practicing the art of embodiment, allowing her heart to lead and her feminine essence to ground her and return her to flow, is her secret weapon.


In this space, she is unstoppable.


Because she’s not BREAKING through, she’s BLOOMING through.


But – a slow, steady bloom requires feeling.



The Boss Mama invites us into feeling everything that arises, because it is in widening and deepening our capacity to feel that we know we are either staying on or straying from our path.


Enhancing our sensitivity to feel when things are a clear yes or no in our body is a power move. 




The exact strength needed to ride the tide of a shifting paradigm, integrating motherhood, purpose, ambition and success without selling out to the systems and structures that don’t value or respect powerful feminine leadership.


3. Appreciate the long game in business and career


Perhaps the hardest to swallow for women conditioned into the hustle and grind culture, the Diamond Mother Boss Mama archetype constantly reminds us to trust in the process.


Longevity is where it’s at.


Current models of success focus on big early wins, hurdling over the competition and pushing through to “make it”, without any real attention on how to build and sustain thriving careers that will sit comfortably alongside the mothering role and a balanced joyful life.


The Boss Mama’s success path is built on surrender.


In a fast-paced world where everyone wants everything now, the challenge to surrender is real.


Learning to consciously savour in the slow burn of child-raising and career building, is about unlearning our culture’s obsession with immediacy and embrace the beautiful maturing and unfolding of the feminine vision.


Yet, cultivating the rootedness to bring to life the magnetic, embodied desires of the Boss Mama can’t happen with mindset alone.


We must recognise until we meet surrender (and all that challenges it) in our body, until we welcome the slow and steady into our somatic experience, then our conditioning will continue to revert us back to faulty and limiting beliefs about success.


The key to surrender is the acceptance of what is.


The blessed opportunity of motherhood, co-existing alongside the ripening of a woman with powerful potential to do great things.


When the time is right.


Would you like to get to know your Boss Mama more intimately, supporting you to root into your own powerful version of feminine success and allowing your potential to thrive within the beautiful ecosystem of YOU? Trust that this grounded, embodied leader already resides within.


Invoke and embody your multi-faceted superpowers and reconnect to your true nature.


**** To get started, access your free copy of The Diamond Mother Archetypes Embodied Invocation Guide HERE to learn more about each of the 8 Facets of the Mother! ****


Next up… the Wild Mama

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