Finding your voice & hearing your truth: Embody the Change-maker Mama (Archetype #2)


Motherhood can be a profound catalyst to finding your voice.


All of a sudden, what you care about changes and expands and you see the world in a different way. A new, fierce mama energy emerges.


Amongst the Diamond Mother Archetypes, this energy is brought to life by the Change-maker Mama.


The facet of you that stands for truth. The part that won’t back down when it comes to fighting the good fight on behalf of those that need advocacy. 


This archetype invites passionate, honest expression. The kind of expression that shifts tides and fuels change, both internally and externally.


This part of us understands that to create paradigm shifts, to dismantle oppressive cycles and toxic patterns in our life and the greater community, we must choose courage over comfort every time.


Let’s just say, the Change-maker Mama is well practiced at being comfortable with discomfort.


Historically, the expression of women and mothers has been dismissed, rejected and ridiculed.


Although this is STILL the norm in many sectors of society, even if we intellectually buy the notion that as modern “empowered” mothers we have equal standing, the reality is that finding your voice around your truest values, needs and desires for change can feel downright impossible sometimes. 


Because our real experience of empowerment resides in our cells. Our wiring. Our blueprint. The origins of our deepest beliefs. 


For thousands of years, we’ve been perceived and treated as “less than”.


We’ve learned to believe we ARE less than. That there is always someone or something outside of us that knows better than we do – even about our own bodies and experiences. 


But this is Patriarchy’s truth. This is not OUR truth. 


We invoke the Change-maker Mama archetype to rebuild the foundations of self-trust within. The self-trust required to lay the foundations towards finding your voice and hearing your truth with clarity and conviction. 



If motherhood has lit the torch on the path to finding your voice and hearing YOUR truth, here are 3 questions to note:


1. Where am I no longer willing to suffer in victimhood?

It's not unusual to grow up believing things should be a certain way, only to realise (usually in the midst of crisis or disillusionment) that particular values, beliefs, systems and ideologies we've bought into are holding us captive in ways that do not serve us or how we desire our lives to be.


By this time, we're often in long term relationships, with kids, financial commitments and entrenched in an existence we realise we fell into by default and didn't actively design.




So when you realise things need to change, how do you go about doing it?


The Change-maker mama archetype invites us into courage, but in a way that leads us into sustainable change.


It's easy to want to completely blow up your life when shit goes south. 


Yet, when the fire of this facet of the mother is balanced within, your non-negotiables become clearer and finding your voice to address them one by one allows your system to calibrate without completely short circuiting.


If your health is suffering, start there.

If your relationship is putting you at risk of harm, start there.

If your kids are running rings around you, start there.

If your family is toxic to your emotional wellbeing, start there. 

If your financial situation needs serious review, start there.


If it's all the above, then choose the one that your body screams - NO MORE the loudest, and start there.


2. Are my defences running the show?


It's no surprise that the fire of change is often ignited through strong emotional reactions to threat.


When we feel fear, rage, or betrayal for example, our bodies will habitually behave in ways that reflect a fight, flight or freeze response as dictated by our autonomic nervous system. 


Exploring and embodying the Change-maker Mama archetype will illuminate those areas, relationships, and situations in your life where finding your voice and hearing your truth is continually challenged by the primal instincts working to keep you safe.


As frustrating as this can be, working in a somatic way with this knowledge can provide pieces of the empowerment puzzle that you will never obtain by talk therapy and reading books.


Meeting our defences and understanding how our efforts towards change (and the efforts of those we love) have come unstuck in the past, goes a hell of a way to liberating the patterns and cycles that keep us from living our truth.


3. Am I taking the time to explore the nuances of my own personal expression? (AKA: am I walking my talk)


Something that took me some time to understand is that knowledge is not wisdom.


Coming from a culture that values the pursuit of degrees, qualifications, and expert status, it's easy to get caught up in the illusion that the more you achieve and acquire, the wiser and more important you'll be.


What matters to the Change-maker Mama archetype the most, is the power of integration. 


Seizing the opportunities that requires you to go deep, flex your creative muscles, and feel all the feelings. The stuff many of us would like to bypass in order to simply hang our certificate on the wall.


You see, simply ingesting and regurgitating knowledge without actually living, breathing and metabolising it through the felt senses only perpetuates empty, shallow systems and structures that do not serve humanity and reinforce white, patriarchal, capitalist hierarchy. 


Embodied action, devotion to practice and expressing from an integrated place of internal cohesion and consolidation is the key to finding your voice and TRUSTING it without reservation. It is the difference between having it heard and acknowledged in a sea of sameness.



Finally, in working with the Change-maker Mama we’re asked to get real with our boundaries and integrity.


Whether it be in the realms of self-care, allocating time for ourselves to recharge and recalibrate, knowing the worth of our work both in the ways we charge and expel energy, expressing our limits and capacity and being able to say no; change cannot be made or sustained without well discerned and embodied boundaries.


This archetypal energy understands that boundaries enable us to give from a space of true compassion. The more solid we are in claiming ourselves as worthy of all we desire, the more we can be of real service to our families and the world.


Would you like to get to know your Change-maker Mama more intimately, and delve into finding your voice to support her to thrive within the beautiful ecosystem of YOU? Trust that this powerful, expressive leader already resides within.


Invoke and embody your multi-faceted superpowers and reconnect to your true nature.


**** To get started, access your free copy of The Diamond Mother Archetypes Embodied Invocation Guide HERE to learn more about each of the 8 Facets of the Mother! ****


Next up… the Sensual Mama

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