5 ways to channel embodied creativity when you feel disconnected

A woman thriving in embodied creativity


Have you stood back and watched a child as they follow their impulses to move, play and create?


Have you noticed how they mostly won’t second guess themselves? That their desire to express is honoured with experimentation and fulfilled in flow with how they feel - moment by moment.

For many of us, by the time adulthood arrives, our culture has done a good job of instilling insecurity and severing our connection to our creative identity.


As women, this phenomenon is particularly nuanced because creativity and imagination are perceived as feminine qualities - the kind generally valued less than socially dominant masculine qualities, like strategic intelligence, goal setting and organisation. 


For many of us, overriding or substituting the “chaotic” feminine qualities that felt so blissful to us in childhood, for a more intellectual, practical and reliable approach to work and life in adulthood, has become embedded in our psyche and amounts to the totality of who we think we are.


Essentially, quieting down our embodied creative impulses in favour of that which is more sensible and culturally acceptable leaves some of us wondering if we are or have ever been, creative beings at all.


I know for me, once I hit my early 30’s, I began to notice an internal niggle. A nudge from within, aching for more wonder, beauty, and poetry in the way I expressed who I was to the world. 


Something was missing. A gap in my identity.


I suspected that my lack of comfort with creative expression had something to do with living in my head and neglecting my felt experience, almost constantly.


I would soon re-learn that creative confidence was inextricably linked to how connected I felt to my senses and the subsequent wisdom that resided there.


Being able to channel my purest, unbridled creativity relied heavily on my embodied awareness.


Accessing the wellspring of creative expression patiently sitting inside, simply asked me to be with and respond to my longing to feel whole.


If you know this same ache and long to access the wellspring of creativity inside you, OR you’ve recently cracked the surface and want to know how to continue to honour the aliveness at your fingertips, then please read on.


Here are 5 ways to channel embodied creativity when you feel disconnected


1. Pay attention to the cycle/season you’re in


So there’s myths in the embodiment arena that I believe can be super limiting to women’s creative potential.


They’ve emerged as narratives circling the trendy online embodiment milieu that as women, we’re only embodied if we’re sexually liberated, highly orgasmic and tend to our pleasure 24/7.


Let me clear something up. Embodiment isn’t a thing you do. It’s part and parcel of living in a body. We are all embodying a state of being at every moment, even if that state isn't all luscious and lovely.


I’m a major advocate for sexual liberation and prioritising pleasure; however as a mother of 3 with the youngest just one year old, I’m in a season of life right now where pleasure is more likely to look like 5 minutes in the garden in the sunshine by myself, rather than long luxurious baths and crystal pleasure wands.


I’ve cycled through all seasons many times over the past 8 years, and I’ve noticed that where my expression might shift and morph, my creative potential does not. 


In fact, during the postpartum period is when I’m super open and receptive to creative inspiration and I’ve heard many other mothers say the same thing. This can feel exciting, but also frustrating because the capacity to act on creative inspiration isn’t there. 


This is where it’s helpful to have the practices and opportunities to move with creative inspiration when it arises, express in ways that honour capacity and “bottle it” for when the time is right. 


The last thing we need to feel is more shame and lack around how much of a sex goddess we are. We are cyclical and ever-changing and this is of service to our creative energy, not a detriment.

2. Reframe yourself as a creative being rather than feeling pressured to do creative things


Have you got it in your mind that creativity only happens when you’re holding a paintbrush, behind the pottery wheel, or in the recording studio?


We can get ourselves in such a tizz about the “doing” of creativity that we miss out on living as a creative being.


If we really paused and offered ourselves the space to notice, we might find hundreds of ways to channel embodied creativity in a single day.


Like wearing the fancy feather earrings on a Monday, instead of what’s practical or feels less indulgent/sensible. Or taking 5 minutes longer to prepare a beautiful, nourishing porridge with fresh fruit, instead of grabbing the same old cereal. Or pressing play on the moody playlist as you wipe down the kitchen. Or writing a surprise love letter - opportunities are everywhere.


Moments of creative beingness are about inhabiting, luxuriating in and expressing pleasure through the body. 


Engaging with the world in a creative way is the first essential reframe, without the self-imposed pressure of doing myriad creative pursuits that might feel overwhelming or too far out of the comfort zone.


This, like everything embodied, is about the slow burn. Experimenting with living creatively in small, sustainable ways, is the first step.

3. Ditch perfection and get curious about your creative potential


Perfectionism is the number one killer of creativity.


Ditching it is easier said than done however, because perfectionism isn’t something you can “eradicate” with your mind. 


Perfection lives deep in the soma and is kept alive by your habitual nervous system responses that act to keep you safe.


I remember when it used to take me days to share expressions on social media and a week to write and publish a blog post. I would scrutinise each piece with a fine toothed comb, rejigging sentences and retracting ideas that felt too edgy or polarising - even though in the flow of creativity, they had felt alive and true in my body.


By the time I hit publish, my writing would be vanilla AF and not representative of ME at all!


I sabotaged my love of dance the same way. It’s taken years of deprogramming and devotion to embodied practices to now be able to move and dance from a place of creative expression, sensual aliveness and joy; rather than from a place of needing approval and praise for performing well.


Becoming curious about what it feels like to explore creative expression without any attachment to outcome or achievement is the key to unlocking your creative potential. But it doesn't happen overnight.


4. Creativity is necessary for healing


Does it feel like grief and trauma are the enemy of your creative flow right now?


I think it can be really easy to assume that the presence of pain is an obstacle to creativity. 


Yet for me, creativity has been one of the greatest gifts to my own journey with grief and pain.


Two years ago, just as I was preparing to launch a new embodiment course for mothers, my sister was diagnosed with a brain tumour - the second one in a matter of years. However, this time, she would not survive.


The rage, grief and unspeakable pain engulfed me (and still does). I recall scrapping the ideas for the promotional photos for my course and following an impulse towards images that were raw, edgy and wildly outside of what I would normally feel comfortable doing (perfectionist, remember?)


As a result, the unsMothered body of work was officially born. The photos were a giant ‘fuck you’ to the universe and subsequent claiming of all of who I was in deep grief, embodied sensuality and wildness. There was no curation or polishing.


They were unsMothered, by name and nature.


I see now how choosing expression over self-censorship and honouring my creative drive to be witnessed and received in all my pain and desire, was a big shift in personal integrity for me.


Creating from feminine impulse and showing up as ALL OF YOU is healing work.


Our grief can be a gateway to powerful creative expression and it’s through this alchemical process that embodiment takes place.


Not the pretty maiden-with-flowers-in-her-hair kind of feminine embodiment, but the mature and deeply rooted embodiment of a woman who has met the darkest corners of humanity and isn’t prepared to perform for peanuts any longer.

5. Connect with creative community


A creative life can’t truly flourish in isolation. To be sourced by our own creativity is one thing, but to be witnessed, held and received in our creative expression, and to reciprocate this for others, is life-giving.


Sometimes it can feel really tricky as an adult to take the plunge into creative community. It’s incredibly vulnerable - even terrifying - to try that dance class, join that choir, register for that pottery workshop, particularly if our internal desire is matched in opposition by a restricted comfort zone or debilitating insecurity.


Yet if we can take that plunge, whether it be for recreational fun or as a commitment to deepening our work in the world, being with others exploring expression and meeting creative edges together, is incomparable.


The gifts lie in seeing ourselves in each other.


The pain, the joy, the possibilities… the complex humanness that is allowed and liberated through creative connection can reveal so much more about our individual and collective desires and potential, than can be accessed alone.


Genuine connection is found in the threads of honesty and openness we are willing to share and receive. It’s together, cultivating safety and belonging in a community that values expression in all forms, that we learn who we really are and what we are truly capable of.


Embodied creativity thrives in eco-systems built on trust. Are you ready to take the plunge into creative community?

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