Self-sovereignty in motherhood: Embody the Majestic Mama (Archetype #7)


What does it mean to hold self-sovereignty in motherhood?


Self-sovereignty is self-ownership. As women and mothers we continue to experience limited power and autonomy over many aspects of our lives. In some corners of the world and in many different contexts, women are subjected to extreme disempowerment at the hands of Patriarchal culture.


The 7th Diamond Mother Archetype is here to invoke conscious personal exploration around what it means to embody personal power and self-sovereignty in motherhood.


She is the Queen of the facets of the mother series. Her essence, attributes and qualities imbue a new paradigm of feminine leadership – one that is so sorely needed for the health of our planet and humanity.


She is the Majestic Mama Archetype.


Bold, confident and possessing compelling embodied resonance, she does motherhood her way.


With the conviction of the Change-maker Mama and the self-devotion of the Sensual Mama, the Majestic Mama brings a both fire and flow to the realm of feminine leadership, both inside and outside the family home.


It’s through deep, honest self-inquiry, anchored in an understanding of historical and current frameworks of oppression of women, that this archetype learns what it means to hold power-with, rather than power-over, others.


The Majestic Mama invites us to dismantle the ways many of us have internalised a (mostly imbalanced) relationship to power and self-sovereignty in motherhood –  and womanhood in general.


There are a plethora of threads to pull when it comes to unravelling current ideas of leadership, including a general reluctance to accept motherhood as leadership at all.


However, the Majestic Mama Archetype is a way in to awakening self-sovereignty in motherhood.


She would have you begin with exploring these 3 shifts in perception:


1. Let go of the expert/guru mentality and embrace embodied feminine leadership


We’re in an age where the more certificates you have hanging on your wall and the number of letters following your name, the more you’re deemed an expert in your field.


For years, I was obsessed with obtaining “expert status” (covering up a deep yearning to prove myself to the world – but mostly to myself). I was academically successful and knew how to talk the Psychotherapist walk as per the textbooks.


As my main clientele were mothers, and I was a mother with a young daughter myself, over time I began to feel a niggle about the system I’d subscribed to in the “support” of other mothers. 


It felt like we would talk and talk, theorise and strategise as to what wasn’t working and how they wanted things to be, yet nothing would stick. The niggle grew – particularly as these women continued to pay me for session after session, trusting my training and enjoying our connection, yet from where I sat, nothing was shifting for them.


The kicker came when I faced a truth within myself. Not only did I feel there was a piece of the puzzle missing for my client’s, but there was definitely a piece of the puzzle missing for ME in my life.


I was, what we affectionately call in the embodiment realm, “a walking head”. 


I had abandoned my feminine knowing and relied completely on my intellect. I had lost contact with my felt experiences. My intuition. My body-wisdom.


Once I began further training in feminine embodiment and somatic therapy, including a huge emphasis on self-mastery and integration, I’d found the missing piece of my puzzle and it was wonderful.


Finally, my work began to change the lives of other women and mothers – because it had changed my life so completely.


I was finally walking the talk of an embodied feminine leader, not merely a professional robot who could spout theory until the cow’s came home.


I could now support women to access self-sovereignty in motherhood, their work and intimate relationships, in ways that felt true and aligned for them and their unique life experience.


When we can own our bodies, our traumas, our potential, our boundaries, and our desires without shame or the external validation of our worthiness to serve others, whether it be as mothers within our families, or CEO’s within our companies, we’re able to step into leadership with soul and integrity.


Claiming expertise to cover up insecurities and fallible humanness, does nothing but create a power imbalance, co-dependency, and implies a hierarchy of knowledge and self-importance.


The Majestic Mama archetype has us face our insecurities, sense of powerlessness and disembodiment, to come back to ourselves as worthy and inherently wise simply by being in deep, devoted relationship to our felt, lived experience.


This looks like a commitment to authenticity. Honesty. Life-long learning. Questioning. Challenging. Establishing boundaries from the inside out and honouring them completely.


Embodied feminine leadership operates from the heart. It is steering the ship from a space of strength by virtue of vulnerability. Being open and reflexive, accepting that there is never a one-size-fits-all answer to all issues.


It is being well informed, well practiced and well resourced; leading and guiding from knowledge, yet being clear that one cannot ever know it all.


2. Fear is not to be feared.


Fear is a state we so desperately attempt to avoid.


We’ve been led to believe that being fearless is a pinnacle of strength.


Somehow, fear has been labelled the enemy. Yet, without fear, where is our barometer for what matters? And what about those things we should genuinely be afraid of?



The essence of the Majestic Mama archetype invites us into new relationship with fear.


A relationship that has us unravel the threads that weave together our fears, sense of safety and the courage required to discern the actions that matter.


Because being courageous is NOT about feeling the fear and doing it anyway.


Being courageous is welcoming fear, becoming intimate with its textures and qualities, digging beneath it to the heart of the matter, and then allowing the right actions to reveal themselves in the flavour of OUR unique embodied truth.


So many of us live in a state of perpetual fear. As mothers, we can be frightened for our children, for our security, our relationships, our career, and our future. Understanding the root causes of our fear is actually where our strength lives.


Operating in false fearlessness is denying our complexities, triggers and emotional depth.


Yet, letting fear drown and disempower us, doesn’t allow us to contact the deeper layers of knowing within and learn to trust our innate instincts.


We cannot claim self-sovereignty in motherhood until we honour the existence of fear and choose to cultivate a relationship with what triggers us, that doesn’t have us caught up in unhelpful defence patterns, and/or what others believe we SHOULD do in response.


Working with the Majestic Mama can feel enlivening and full of possibility. When we invite this archetype into our felt experience of fear, we are inviting courage and truth, rather than fear and habitual programming.


3. Relinquish the relentless pursuit of independence and forge empowered connection


You’re not alone if much of what drives you to achieve is the allure of independence.


The paradoxical freedom of relying on no-one other than ourselves for anything.


Many of us feel a sense of having something to prove.


Whether it’s because we need to “show” ourselves or others that we are smart, capable, responsible, successful, or just able to take care of ourselves as a grown-ass woman, the desire to claim self-sovereignty in motherhood can actually be hi-jacked by these underlying motivations. 


The truth is, we may not NEED anyone, let alone a man, to take care of us… 


Yet, it’s a simple fact that humans are wired for connection and flourish in relationship and within community.


As women, we’ve worked so hard to become fiercely capable and independent, striving for self-sovereignty in motherhood, that many of us have become our own worst enemy.



As modern mamas, we’re ambitious. We want what’s best for our family to thrive AND we want to live out our life’s personal purpose. Yet, many of us are rubbish at asking for help.


We still insist on DOING ALL THE THINGS in order to prove how competent we are, but at what cost?


The Majestic Mama archetype asks us to contact the personal wounding and culturally perpetuated messages we carry that fuel the pursuit of independence-at-all-costs.


As an embodied leader prioritising courage and connection, the Majestic Mama stands for sisterhood. She stands for transparent, authentic relationships. She stands for coming together with the objective of supporting one another, as opposed to isolating in order to avoid perceived weakness and dependency.


New paradigm feminine leadership acknowledges the essential nature of community connection. The love, compassion and support generated in nourishing supportive groups and spaces, feeds growth and resilience.


Openness to growth and healthy resilience are pillars of great leadership.


To channel and embody the Majestic Mama is to channel and embody leadership that values: 


Depth and honesty.

A passionate commitment to service

Clearly articulated boundaries.

Creativity and collaboration.


When women and mothers boost one another up, rather than buy into divisive, depleting patriarchal ideas that promote competition and shame, we are literally unstoppable forces for change.



Would you like to get to know your Majestic Mama more intimately, to cultivate personal power and self-sovereignty in motherhood, and support her to thrive within the beautiful ecosystem of YOU? Trust that this archetype’s inherent feminine leadership qualities already reside within.


Invoke and embody your multi-faceted superpowers and reconnect to your true nature.


**** To get started, access your free copy of The Diamond Mother Archetypes Embodied Invocation Guide HERE to learn more about each of the 8 Facets of the Mother! ****


Next up… the Sage Mama

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