Tune into your mothering wisdom: Embody the Sage Mama (Archetype #8)


How often do you seek mothering wisdom outside of yourself?


When we’re feeling lost, confused and overwhelmed, turning outward and seeking advice from external authorities is a “normal” way to cope.


Often we label or refer to others as wise and having the answers we need, neglecting to see the wisdom we possess if we’d only open ourselves to seeing it. Hearing it. Feeling it.


The final Diamond Mother Archetype is a portal to accessing your inner Wise Woman.


She is the Sage Mama. Your ancient guidance system.


The part of you that always knows (even when you don’t think you do). The bridge from earth, body and spirit.


As mothers raising the next generation in complex times, the Sage Mama archetype offers a path of trust based on the deep mothering wisdom alive in her cells.


In a world dominated by patriarchal oppression, aggression, and division, the mature feminine rises above while simultaneously grounding into practices of ancestral reverence that bring her closer to the women who came before her.


The Sage Mama emerges in the intersection between Spiritual Seer and Earthly Activist.


This archetype believes that an abundant future for all requires meaningful action. Action derived from listening – REALLY listening – to those whose time it is to be heard.


When we work with her, we must pay attention to what really matters. Her essence demands we get curious about what it means to raise children with the capacity to make profoundly positive global change.


Here’s some of what this archetype wants us to do first:


1. Get clear, anchored and awake to your purpose


You’re here for a reason.


Sound cliche? Maybe. But when we reject the shallow, spiritually bypassing social memes telling us to “find our purpose” and actually sit with what matters to us in THIS life, it becomes hard to look away.


All our paths vary so much. For this reason it’s important to trust that whatever we’re here to do is available to us to learn – but not if we’re too busy following the path of others, or too trapped in cycles of fear and shame to listen.


In birthing our children, we birth new iterations of ourselves. The Sage Mama invites us to consciously acknowledge this portal of opportunity and allow our experiences to deepen our mothering wisdom.


Mothering is hard. It can also be joyous and endlessly enriching if we’re operating from our essential truth and not the Feminine Acceptability Model. 


For some of us, it is in leaning in to the challenges, needs and pleasures of motherhood that ignites our purpose.


For others, it is in leaning out to intentionally explore more of who we are, inside and outside the mothering dynamic.


Where are you being asked to lean?


Into more intimacy with the messiness of motherhood, or away from a tendency to be consumed by it all?


Whatever your path, this is the archetype to facilitate the inner journey to integrate the mothering wisdom available to you.



Getting clear, anchored and awake to our deepest knowing as mothers is vitally important to our own sanity and the health and prospects of our children.


The Sage Mama urges us to commit to developing our personal mothering wisdom and understand that the way we show up for ourselves speaks so much to our partners and children.


THIS is our purpose. Whether we’re interested in creating businesses from our purpose or not, are publicly vocal about what we’re here to do or not, the actual way we live our lives inherently demonstrates our purpose.


And this is the modelling our children need most.



2. Get honest about privilege and how and where you’re doing harm


Mama, the time is now for acknowledging the big issues, within and without.


We’re at a pivotal point in history, and shit is getting real for the Patriarchal powers that be.


The Sage Mama archetype is not specifically about “getting political”.


Yet, if you’re paying attention, the mothering wisdom alive in this facet of you will promote the necessary self-reflection needed to grasp the toxicity and ignorance we carry in our bodies and perpetuate with our actions.


Particularly if we are white.


The culture of white supremacy goes hand in hand with capitalist patriarchy. Systems and structures specifically developed to establish and maintain the power of white, rich males.


If you happen to be white, cis-gendered, and able-bodied – yes, even as a woman who’s suffered at the hands of patriarchy – you’re absolutely reaping the rewards of systems and structures that are designed to oppress and cause harm to marginalised folx.


And not because you’ve earned it.


Before the cacophony of “I’ve worked for everything I have, I’m not privileged”, retorts abound, or


“I don’t see colour” falls from your mouth… you’d better check your self.


Because if we have any chance in healing humanity and our planet, we must get real and dive headfirst into our muck.


Sure, you may have the mala beads, do yoga 5 times a week wearing $200 tights made out of recycled fishing line, and you might sign off your emails with “love and light”. You might be devoted to crystals, meditation and pulling tarot cards like nobody’s business, but that is not the work.


Traversing the darkness is the work.


Listening, learning and paying black, brown, trans, and people with disabilities for an education is where we must begin (some relevant resources to start dismantling your own privilege can be found here and here)


It’s not comfortable, it will make you feel sick and ashamed, but there is no short-cuts when it comes to dismantling the toxic culture so many of us benefit from.


No one is free until we are ALL free.



3. Get to know your ancestors and call upon their mothering wisdom


A helpful way to begin to dismantle internalised supremacy is by looking at how and where you might appropriate from other cultures, before you’ve explored your own lineage and ancestry.


At my first Mother Blessing 7 years ago, I created an experience built on rituals born of other cultures without any regard for their deep, meaningful heritage.


Without going into the nitty gritty, I now realise that this experience, attended by all white women (however lovely I thought it was at the time) was not only disrespectful appropriation (read an excellent blog post outlining this here), but also wasn’t honouring MY OWN ancestral magic that was absolutely available to me if I’d been bothered to seek it out!


A month ago at my third Mother Blessing, when close friends offered to create a meaningful experience ritualising my passage into mothering wisdom yet again, it was a very different celebration.


Since then, many of my other mama friends and I had committed to researching our personal cultural heritages and maternal lines. I knew I wanted rituals and ways of blessing women and mothers that drew on my Celtic traditional ancestry. Poignant to the experiences of MY people, the land and their unique lives.


The power, connection and deep mothering wisdom I soaked up from that day had a profound effect on me.


It wasn’t simply about creating a “pretty” experience with no regard for anything other than what was fashionable.


It was the embodied expression of women coming together, honouring our past, present and future with respect for the culture and wisdom that we’ve inherited through our skin and bones.


This is the magic of the Sage Mama. She invites us into MORE of ourselves, in integrity with what honours us as individuals while serving the healing of the planet.



Would you like to get to know your Sage Mama more intimately, access your mothering wisdom through connection to the earth, body and cosmos, and trust her to integrate the beautiful ecosystem of YOU? Know that this potent, mature feminine essence already resides within.


Invoke and embody your multi-faceted superpowers and reconnect to your true nature.


**** To get started, access your free copy of The Diamond Mother Archetypes Embodied Invocation Guide HERE to learn more about each of the 8 Facets of the Mother! ****


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