Inner child healing in motherhood: Embody the Whimsical Mama [Archetype #1]


She might appear to be all about play as a devotee to curiosity and adventure, yet embodying this facet of the mother serves as a powerful gateway to inner child healing. 


Introducing the first Diamond Mother Archetype, the Whimsical Mama.


I’m sure that you too received the modern memo that motherhood requires a certain level of seriousness, productivity and sacrifice if we are to be a “good mother”.


The unfortunate side effect of such requirements mean that many of us lose touch with the parts of us nourished by imagination, play and creative living.


We walk around with clenched jaws, crossing off to-do lists and owning far too much practical underwear. 


We forget how to let go. To allow our intuition to lead. To have fun for ourselves… not just create fun for our kids. 


It’s a reality that many of us, depending on how we were raised or simply as a byproduct of “life getting in the way”; don’t have a comfortable relationship to play, messiness, role play and surrendering to the world of make-believe with or without our children.


The Whimsical Mama might have been a facet of you that once felt accessible and liberating, or perhaps she was never encouraged freely as a child. Either way, this archetype can feel strange and unfamiliar as adults.


She’s the archetypal maiden.


Innocent, intuitive, and curious, she delights in nature and the subtleties of life around her.


So how and why would you want to cultivate her qualities once again, now that you’re a “responsible grown up”?



3 reasons why embodying your inner

Whimsical Mama is medicine for inner child healing


1. You’ll attract new and more aligned experiences into your life


Were you taught growing up, that socially and culturally you could only operate within a small window of feminine acceptability, and that to be a good girl, you needed to follow a set of specific guidelines?


Opening yourself to the Whimsical Mama will challenge this outdated conditioning quick smart.


It can feel scary to invite spontaneity and play into your life if you’re normally accustomed to strict routines and making calculated decisions. But this archetype is all about following what feels light and fun in your body to invoke the free-spirit within. Sound compelling?


It’s amazing how simply welcoming curiosity and trying something new instead of going for the regular “safe” route, can open up new opportunities, perspectives and reignite new inspiration.


2. You’ll learn to delight in your own uniqueness (and do the same for your kids)


There’s something very powerful in getting down on a child’s level and allowing them to teach YOU.


Embodying the Whimsical Mama means you wear the hat of the student and you are not interested in being the expert of all. 


Not only does this archetype encourage us to see things through the innocent eyes of a child, but she also allows us to know our own kids in ways many parents don’t. When we embrace the Whimsical Mama within and learn to delight in our idiosyncrasies and celebrate our uniqueness with warmth, we can do the same for our children.


This Facet of the Mother reminds us that only focussing on raising “good girls and boys” who share, say please and stay clean is missing the point of life.


3. Your inner child can be seen, heard and healed


The Whimsical Mama in you desires nothing more than to be protected, cherished and adored.


This maiden archetype can provide a powerful catalyst for healing the emotional wounding experienced in your childhood and formative years, by welcoming and tending to her needs NOW.


Much of the shame we carry and how willing we are to bring all of ourselves to the table in our relationships, mothering and life are due to how much we were accepted and encouraged to show up as our full selves when we were little. 


Inner child healing is about parenting ourselves in ways we always craved.


Not only can the Whimsical Mama’s soft, wide-eyed and mischievous spark balance out the opposing demands of our adult life, she can act as a powerful bridge to realising we’ve been perfectly imperfect all along. 


This facet of the mother invites us to let go.


The layers of armour that we erect to keep ourselves safe from harm can be thick and heavy. The shadow of the  Whimsical Mama is that part of you that may never have felt at home in your skin.


Yet, by giving ourselves permission to explore what we intuitively know about us to be true, we can begin the process of reclaiming our full selves. We can honour the little person inside who may still feel hurt and misunderstood.


Would you like to get to know your Whimsical Mama more intimately, promote inner child healing and support her to thrive within the beautiful ecosystem of YOU? Trust that this intuitive, enchanting free-spirit already resides within.


Invoke and embody your multi-faceted superpowers and reconnect to your true nature.


**** To get started, access your free copy of The Diamond Mother Archetypes Embodied Invocation Guide HERE to learn more about each of the 8 Facets of the Mother! ****


Next up… the Change-maker Mama

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