Instinctive mothering as the pathway home: Embody the Wild Mama (Archetype #6)


What were you raised to believe about birth? Menstruation? Sex? So many of us were never afforded the opportunity of open, honest and non-shaming conversations about these normal human experiences. It’s no wonder that instinctive mothering can feel so foreign.


How we feel, navigate and celebrate womanhood is intrinsically linked to our familial, cultural and social programming.


The 6th Diamond Mother Archetype is an invitation to return home to ourselves and our natural wild essence.


Embracing her is to embrace raw your primal nature and reclaim your potential for instinctive mothering (and ultimately instinctive living).


She is the Wild Mama archetype.


Born of Mother Earth, she is brazenly all woman. She rejects being categorised, pathologised, patronised, or branded anything less than she is.


Innately powerful, by virtue of the complexity of her being.


She bleeds. She fucks. She orgasms. She grows life. She births. She feeds from her breasts. And she won’t apologise for any of it.


The Wild Mama archetype urges us to take back what’s ours.


The goddess given right to live in a magical, life-giving, pleasure-seeking, emotionally expressive body without shame or fear.


Without dimming our light. Glossing up the messy bits. Quieting the noisy bits. Saying sorry for the bits that make others uncomfortable.


When we can own our body above everything else, honouring her gifts and worshiping her wild nature, something extraordinary happens.


We begin to feel ourselves in sync with the universe. A perfect, divine extension of Mother Nature herself.


Self-judgment, shame and endless overwhelm no longer hold us captive. We’re free to mother from instinct and trust, freeing us from the limitations of our analytical mind.


Just like the Autumn dissolves into Winter, so this archetype invites us to follow the rhythm of our internal seasons. Just like the new moon expands to full, so we follow her own feminine cycle. Knowing when to rest and when to bloom is a super power we were never taught.


So how then can this instinctive mothering cultivate embodied wisdom in our children? The Wild Mama inside of us has a responsibility. She has a legacy. She plays a fundamental role in the rising of the feminine.


She takes hold of an opportunity to raise daughters with wild spirits that embrace and celebrate the power of who they are.


Yet, to raise daughter’s connected to their wild, we must cleanse ourselves of shame surrounding OUR wild. 


Here’s where we must start:


1. Your cycle

If you’ve ever felt humiliated, denigrated or just plain old dismissed as a human who bleeds, then sadly you’re in the majority. It took me until I was in my mid 30’s to really understand and work with the miracle of my feminine menstrual cycle!

Taking the time to truly educate ourselves about our cyclical nature and tune into the wisdom it imparts at every phase, is revolutionary in both understanding and managing our energy levels and self-care needs.


It’s the Wild Mama within us that both commits to dismantling the internalised shame around her own cycle, and as a result seizes every opportunity to teach our girls the art of listening and honouring the feminine body.


The Wild Mama marks the rite of passage of her daughter’s first bleed, with a heartfelt and sacred ritual, blessing and warmly welcoming her to the next stage in her life.


She knows that cultivating a relationship to her internal guidance system will support her to thrive.


Imagine if all girls were honoured this way?



2. Birth


It’s no surprise that the Wild Mama archetype rejects Patriarchal culture’s ideas around childbirth. She refuses to be told by external influences how to go about such a natural and inherently powerful feminine process.


In deep embodied relationship with her internal wisdom, she trusts that:


A woman’s body is made to birth.


Yes, life sometimes has other ideas and all plans do not always come to fruition.


But, just as we’ve been taught that our bleed is dirty and must be quietly managed or completely ignored, we’ve also been manipulated to believe that normal physiological birth is a medical event, that it is horrendously painful and inherently traumatic, and that our primal feminine instincts can’t be trusted over a team with clipboards in white coats.


The Wild Mama archetype unapologetically challenges the socio-cultural norms that perpetuate damaging disconnection and disempowerment of the feminine.


She lives in devotion to the the sensual, powerful and transformational potential of birth. She passes on wisdom to her daughters of the magic she too can experience – for being fortunate enough to be born in a female body.



3. Sex

Oh the tangled sexual webs we weave. The guilt. The shame. The dishonouring. The settling.


When curious young minds and bodies begin to innocently explore, our society slaps their hands away in disgust.


Plugged into more connected, instinctive mothering, the Wild Mama urges us to face our own conditioning, traumas and internalised shame around our bodies, sex and pleasure, before we pass such destructive doctrine down to our children.


As sexual beings from birth, how we communicate and model sexuality to our children wires their brains towards either positive, autonomous and empowering experiences, or negative, non-consensual and disempowering experiences.


The sex education available to young people is dismal at best, negligent at worst. With sheer emphasis on avoiding pregnancy and STD’s, girls are not only taught to fear sex from the outset, they are fed the illusion that pleasure belongs to the male, whereas females are simply a receptacle.


The labels women and girls receive if they dare step beyond the limited acceptability for what our patriarchal society dictates for women and sex are full to the brim of double standards and damaging implications.










Words for a woman who has the audacity to challenge the “rules” created by patriarchal culture.


Words that have no power when the woman on the receiving end is in honest relationship with her body, her wild essence and is secure and comfortable in her own skin, embracing her right to pleasure and freedom of choice.


The Wild Mama archetype is committed to dismantling the Feminine Acceptability Model.


She does this through living in her own integrity, but also by teaching her daughters about the pleasures available to her in her wondrous body. She trusts they will not send her to the devil via teenage pregnancy, but instead will foster a level of self-love, acceptance and respect for the sacredness of her feminine form, rather than send her to the depths of self-loathing and shame all too common in girls and women everywhere.


It takes courage for a woman conditioned to hate, abuse, numb out and fear her body to do the work herself FIRST, in order to claim her true capacity for instinctive mothering and shift generational cycles of toxic internalised misogyny.


But it’s ESSENTIAL if we, as mothers, are to be a force for the change we wish to see.


Meeting, welcoming and integrating our Wild Mama archetype may bring about discomfort. Re-patterning thousands of years of squashing her down and rejecting her from our psyche and our embodied wisdom is courageous and necessary.


Heal the Wild Mama in you and your children will heal the world.


Would you like to get to know your Wild Mama more intimately, supporting you return to your own instinctive mothering style and thrive within the beautiful ecosystem of YOU? Trust that this empowered, bold and uninhibited woman already resides within.


Invoke and embody your multi-faceted superpowers and reconnect to your true nature.


**** To get started, access your free copy of The Diamond Mother Archetypes Embodied Invocation Guide HERE to learn more about each of the 8 Facets of the Mother! ****


Next up… the Majestic Mama

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