It’s time you honoured all facets of who you are


Imagine if we all embraced our uniqueness wholeheartedly?

Imagine if our voices spoke only truths and our visions unfolded according to our deepest desires?


Embodied, authentic women WILL change the world.


The Diamond Women Project is a community of women unraveling, discovering and deepening in devotion to a bold, authentic life.

The Diamond Mother Archetypes were developed to offer a rich, multi-faceted portal into exploring and appreciating ALL parts of who you are as a woman.

I invite you on a journey to knowing, loving and accepting ALL of you, through 8 potent feminine archetypes.

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She might appear to be all about play as a devotee to curiosity and adventure, yet embodying this imaginative energy serves as a powerful gateway to inner child healing.

Come home to your unique nature, learn to let go and embrace your intuition with Archetype #1


Your voice matters. The fire that drives your purpose must be tended to with care. It's time to access your power.

Tap into powerful expression and stand confidently in your truth with Archetype #2


If depletion and overwhelm has you convinced that pleasure is out of your reach – yet your body yearns to feel good… then let this archetype uncover your true feminine sensuality.

Ignite your senses and cultivate deeper self-intimacy in motherhood with Archetype #3


Martyrdom and the mother wound go hand in hand. The feminine tendency to over-give and over-function is a patriarchal spell that's had its day. Heal yourself, heal your mother-line.

Open your heart and soften into self-compassion with Archetype #4


The pressure to be superwoman is crippling. What if being the Boss wasn't about perfection and inevitable burn out, but instead had us feeling grounded, integrated and flourishing from the bottom - up?

Anchor into safety and rootedness to claim your potential with Archetype #5


How we feel, navigate and celebrate womanhood is intrinsically linked to our familial, cultural and social programming. Our wildness urges us to take back what’s ours – the goddess-given right to live in a magical, life-giving, pleasure-seeking, emotionally expressive body without shame or fear.

Release shame and celebrate your wild feminine with Archetype #6


Our capacity to soften and receive rests on our ability to hold and honour boundaries. This archetype invites us to dismantle the ways we have internalised unequal power dynamics and our desires for self-sovereignty in womanhood.

Explore a new paradigm of powerful feminine leadership with Archetype #7


When we’re feeling lost, confused and overwhelmed, turning outward and seeking advice from external authorities is a “normal” way to cope. Imagine accessing your own self-guidance system, embedded in deep ancestral reverence and clear earthly purpose of what you’re here to do in this life-time.

Traverse the darkness and create positive global change with Archetype #8

The 8 Diamond Mother Archetypes are facets of you, residing within.

The parts of you that have been silenced and shamed are the gateways to self-mothering and healing the wounds of your feminine lineage.

Let them source you, inspire you and liberate your full expression.

Access your free Diamond Mother Archetypes Embodied Invocation Guide here