Womanhood. UnsMothered.

Embody your Creative Leadership

Womanhood. UnsMothered.

Embody your Creative Leadership

You are a Diamond.

Priceless, multi-faceted and unique AF. 

Once upon a time, you knew this deep in your bones. 

But somewhere along the way, you forgot.

Life has cracked you open.

Your heart hurts with longing and your body craves more.

More intimacy
More pleasure 
More prosperity 
More integrity
More connection
More depth. 

I’m here to show you that you can have everything you desire. 

I’m here to light the torch, so you can find your way back home.

I’m Kate Leiper (she/her).

I teach women to embody their full creative expression, so they can feel good, build a prosperous livelihood, and make positive change within their family and the world.

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"I feel like I want to continue seeing you monthly forever! I could not be any more thankful I took the leap to work with you."

Charlotte, Australia 

"This work has been life changing for me. I have already recommended Kate and her work to so many other mothers!!!"

Jana, Singapore 

The Diamond Mother Archetypes

The Diamond Mother Archetypes were developed to offer a rich, multi-faceted portal into exploring and appreciating ALL parts of who you are as a woman. I invite you on a journey to knowing, loving and accepting ALL of you, through 8 potent feminine archetypes.

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Luminess: The Embodied Pleasure Pilgrimage

When a woman embodies her creative + sensual power, everyone benefits. We’re here to help you amplify your creative expression. Because whole, healed and flourishing women create the kind of change that sticks.

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UnsMothered Resources

Explore my unsMothered resources, including the free Seduce the Muse embodied expression workshop and the Sipping from the Cauldron and Relinquish embodiment workshop bundle.

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Learn how to maximize your creative flow, tap into your genius and reach those who need your magic - without dishonouring your body OR your integrity.

Confession: I’m a recovering overachiever.

Sadly, this confession DOES NOT make me unique. 

I mean there’s soooo many of us. Ugh. Maybe you can relate. As a kid, I was led to believe I was a “too much” kinda gal - too much sensitivity, too much emotion, too much of a show off, too much curiosity. By the time I was in my 20’s I’d learned that being my full self made other people uncomfortable.  To cover up my shame, fear and insecurity, I got really good playing  at being “acceptable” (AKA: demonstrating I was enough). This meant succumbing to self-betrayal too many times to count. 

By the time I was in my 30’s, I was completely disconnected from my body. A body that once loved to dance. Loved to write. Loved to sing. Loved to engage with my senses in ways that reminded me I was ALIVE. Existing as a walking head, I’d lost all touch with my deeper desires, creative spark and all the wild and wonderful parts of who I was. The parts that DID make me truly unique.

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Enter: Motherhood.

Here’s the truth of it. Becoming a mother cracked my heart wide open. It was an invitation to get real with the relentless niggling (knowing) that I’d abandoned myself, long ago. All of a sudden, the discomfort coursing through my veins could no longer be ignored. Creating and birthing life had opened a gateway to my own liberation. Liberating from the “good girl” conditioning that led me to dishonour my inner knowing, stifle my creativity and abandon my birthright: to feel sensual and powerful in my body. An act of feminine rebellion.

To me, there’s nothing more important than showing my three daughters the inherent value of their precious bodies - through honouring the truth of my own. I stand for the full, multifaceted expression of the feminine. From grief to joy and everything in between (acceptable or not). Even if you’re not yet a mother, or never plan to be, you’re here because something in this story speaks to you.

If you feel it, trust it. You’re ready to meet the Diamond Mother Archetypes.

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"The way Kate holds space and leads is a real blessing."

Jenny, Australia

"unsMothered is a beautiful and nourishing journey into the self."

Lana, Dubai

UnsMothering (verb) 

The process of re-mothering oneself through dismantling oppressive internalised patriarchal beliefs, with focus on building increased capacity for creative and sensual expression, thereby inviting greater pleasure and prosperity into all areas of life. 

A world where all humanity reaches unsMothered status (and where we’d find this term in the dictionary), might be a tad ambitious on my part.

But, hey I’m here to give it a shot.

Truth: When a woman embodies her creative + sensual power, everyone benefits.

Have you struggled to find a community of woman leaders that actually *get* you? 

Do you often feel like you’re censoring yourself, like you’re too deep, too different, too much? 

Or maybe you’re longing to find a space where you feel safe and encouraged to express your creativity and desires, all while learning how to expand your capacity for pleasure and prosperity?

It might feel like a pipedream - but guess what?

The Embodied Pleasure Pilgrimage for Creative Feminine Leaders is where it's at.

We’ve been waiting for you!

The Luminess Experience