Woman, you aren't lost.
You've simply forgotten how gloriously multi-faceted you truly are.

Sadly, our culture doesn't celebrate all the complex, brilliant and powerful qualities of the feminine. 

Society teaches us how to be a "good girl" from birth. The problem is, once we internalise this limited version of feminine acceptability, we have no idea who we truly are and how to live our most expansive life!

Tend to the wounds of your feminine lineage and own your full embodied expression through invoking the Diamond Mother Archetypes.

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The 8 Diamond Mother Archetypes are the facets of you, residing within.

Many are parts of you that have been silenced and boxed in by shame, fear and conditioning. 

But guess what? They're just waiting to be invoked once again.

The Embodied Invocation Guide is a comprehensive outline of the Diamond Mother Archetypes, unpacking:

+ What each facet of the mother represents

+ Attributes and shadows

+ Dominant Energy

Plus, you'll find bonus information about how to invoke and embody all 8 archetypes, by using the elements, colours, oils, crystals, mythical symbolism and more!