Embodied grief and pleasure alchemy for visionary women

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Our burning world is begging us to feel.

Humanity is desperate for creative feminine leadership.

Leadership that rebalances power and emphasises connection.

Leadership anchored in honest pain and painful honesty.

Leadership sourced and re-sourced through the pleasure body.

Our burning world needs visionary women 

sipping from the cauldron of aliveness.

Your grief is our sacred compass.

Your pleasure will get us there.

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90 minute workshop replay


In this class you will learn:

+ Why grief and pleasure alchemy is the elixir to enriching your unique creative feminine leadership

+ The one key embodied ingredient you must embrace to bind the heartache of grief with the delicious potential of pleasure, in order to allow for creative clarity and expression

+ Practices for building safety in your body, creating space for your pain to anchor you in purpose (without swallowing you whole)

+ Embodied processes and somatic tools to nourish and settle your nervous system, encouraging your body’s natural intelligence to unfold towards feeling good and to develop a greater capacity for pleasure - especially when it all feels too much.

This workshop is for you, if:

+ You’re a creative woman with powerful change-making visions; ready to heal, express and lead from wholeness and humanness, however messy it might get.

+ You sense there’s an untapped wellspring of creativity and expression lying within, yet it doesn’t feel available to you.

+ You move more comfortably into expressions of anger instead of sadness OR you lean into spiritualising through “love and light” as a way to bypass emotional pain (and this ain’t cutting it for you anymore)

+ You’re done with pushing, grinding and performing “feeling good” when you don’t.

You’ve always considered pleasure to be a reward you weren’t entitled to unless you earned it. You suspect this might be bullshit.

Meet your teacher and guide

Kate Leiper 

Mother, Creatress, Psychotherapist & Feminine Embodiment Coach

Bridging the realms of neuropsychology and grounded spirituality through the artful practice of feminine embodiment, Kate’s work is anchored in actively exploring feminine depth, self-intimacy and devotion, catalysed by motherhood and sustained by embodied experiences of returning home to self, earth and spirit. 

Through meeting and honouring grief and loss stored in the body, Kate guides women into deeper relationship with personal expressions of sensuality and creativity; increasing capacity for building and sustaining wildly prosperous and pleasure-filled lives.

 When you purchase Sipping from the Cauldron, you receive a second workshop 'Relinquish: Hold strong to soften, de-armour & lay down the feminine weaponry of your mother-line' for FREE!


A dash of grief. A pinch of pleasure. 

Slow and steady she stirs, her deepest sorrows simmer in the heady broth.

She takes a sip.

Her skin tingles. Her breath deepens. Storms and starlight flood her cells.

She remembers. She is alive.

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