Tend to your grief and return to aliveness 

through connection to source, soma and psyche

A 4 week program for women

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Do you want to feel less broken and more alive, without dishonouring your tender heart?


Are you weighed down by complicated personal and collective grief, unable to access pleasure, joy and aliveness that feels grounded and resourcing?


Would you benefit from a rich, vibrant connection to your full embodied expression, that nurtures and sustains your precious lifeforce energy amidst your heartache?


As a GriefWeaver, you get to love your heart with all the cracks.


4 Week Course begins in January 2024


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Grief is an incredibly nuanced, personal experience.


Yes, it's the heartbreak following the death of a loved one or relationship.


But grief is never clean cut and is often so much more complicated than our culture accepts.


Maybe the heaviest losses on your heart aren't so easy to define.

Maybe your grief is tangled in: 


+ illness, injury or disability (visible or invisible)

+ infertility, pregnancy loss or mothering

+ attachment wounding or childhood trauma

+ your identity, orientation or sense of belonging

+ toxic family patterns & cycles

+ ruptures to friendships or community

+ unprocessed pain of your lineage, culture or ancestry

How we grieve impacts how we live.

Each and everyone of us moves through the world carrying accumulated, complicated loss. 

And although our original blueprint holds the keys, 

our culture never taught us how to grieve well. 

As women, we weave very particular threads of grief through our relationships, family and communities. 

Through losses accumulated along our lineage, we can often wonder why our embodied, creative and erotic expression feels so painfully bereft and tangled in shame.

I want you to know that you are and always have been - whole. 

You have, however, been trapped in the feminine web of grief. 

And my love, it’s time to weave your own beautiful tapestry,

so your unique story becomes a source of power instead of pain.


 4 Week Course begins in January 2024




The Grief Wound

 ~ How to grieve well in a culture of fear 

so you can free yourself from cycles of stuckness and shame ~


Grief Attunement

 ~ Tend to your wild heart + regulate your grief body 

so your body becomes an ally not an enemy ~


Brokenness to Aliveness

~ Learn the art of grief & pleasure alchemy for healing 

so you can transmute your shadows and rise as the Creatress of your life ~


Embodied Sustenance & Vitality

~ Expand your capacity & be supported by the wisdom of your grief 

so you can flourish in aliveness with your grief as your guiding star ~


Kate Leiper


Feminine Embodiment Coach | Integrated Somatic Trauma Practitioner | Grief & Pleasure Alchemist

Through the lens of the archetypal feminine, and with an emphasis on sensual movement, ritual and creative expression, Kate supports women to be in honest relationship to grief, as a path to deeply embodied, rapturous, open-hearted life and leadership. 

As Creatress of the SensuAlchemy School of Embodied Grief & Pleasure and the SensuAlchemy School Podcast, Kate holds degrees and certifications in the Creative Industries, Education, Counselling & Psychotherapy and Feminine Embodiment Coaching. 

Learn more about Kate here.

"Kate's work has me feeling more safe and at home in my own body than at any other time in my adult life."

~ Jenny, Australia

"I now feel more confident voicing my desires, showing up for myself, and speaking my truth."

~ Christina, USA

Are you ready to honour your heart, trust the glimmer of possibility and take a seat in the GriefWeavers Circle?


The experience runs for 4 weeks ~ dates TBC

Each session will be 90min and will be held at either 9:30am AEST or 8pm AEST depending on the timezones of participants.

Sessions will be recorded and available to access and download on your private GriefWeavers learning platform within 24hrs.



Choose your Payment Option Below

A scaled pricing structure is offered for this program.

This model was inspired by the structure created by Reverend angel Kyodo Williams and used by the Embody Lab, as well as the Green Bottle model from Worts and Cunning.

This tiered structure makes it possible for more people to access the program, supported by the community and those who have access to more resources. Please choose the option that feels appropriate to you and your circumstances.

All prices are AUD.



One time payment

2 payments of $374

3 payments of $250



One time payment

2 payments of $324

3 payments of $216



One time payment

2 payments of $274

3 payments of $183

"Kate provides a magical garden of exquisite, deep feeling, all-is-welcome exploration of what your body needs to move forward in the world."

~ Lauren, Australia

"How you understand grief and explore it so sincerely in your own life is incredible.Receiving your teachings has been deeply moving and supportive for me."

~ Sharandeep, UK

“We are most alive at the threshold between loss and revelation; every loss ultimately opens the way for a new encounter”

― Francis Weller 

When you join GriefWeavers, your grief will never be treated 

as a condition to be pathologised; instead it will be revered 

as a sacred, fundamental part of your human story.


During this 4-week program, you will receive:


🍂4 Weekly Classes facilitated by Kate Leiper

🍂 Embodiment processes and somatic practices for healing

🍂Weekly resources to support your learning and integration

🍂 Embodied SensuAlchemy Playlist for continuing practice

🍂 Private online group space for deepening connection

🍂 Creative prompts to liberate expression


Every part of you is welcome in this soul-affirming experience. 

Embracing embodied aliveness starts here.


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