As a creative feminine leader, prioritising your aliveness is your greatest act of service

In a world that demands fast and polished, imagine a haven where emotional depth is encouraged, embodied sensuality is relished and the slow-burn is Queen.

An Embodied Pleasure Pilgrimage for Creative Feminine Leaders

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Inside Luminess, we believe that when a woman embodies her creative + sensual power, everyone benefits.

We’re here to help you amplify your creative and expressive gifts.
Because whole, healed and flourishing women create the kind of change that sticks.

We are not here for the fluffy spiritual-bypassing jazz.

We stand for personal and collective liberation.

+ Freedom from being labelled “too much”
+ Freedom from feeling not enough
+ Freedom from our mother wounds
+ Freedom from our trauma spells
+ Freedom from conforming to the shoulds
+ Freedom from self-sabotage
+ Freedom from our money blocks
+ Freedom from binaries and marginalization
+ Freedom from patriarchal indoctrination

Freedom to express all of who we are, joyfully and without apology.

Envision an intimate alchemical container; where pleasure leads, prosperity flows and your pain becomes your power.


Inside this community is everything you need to make major shifts in your creative leadership: embodiment, somatic tools and grounded spirituality teachings and practices; as well as intimate 1:1 support and the most incredible network of inspirational creatives to light your way.


Say YES to the Luminess Embodied Pleasure Pilgrimage Commencing February 1st, 2022


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Here’s a (not-so-secret) secret: 

Your inner good girl will hijack your potential if you let her.

In fact - she probably already has.

Splitting your identity into neat little boxes and falling prey to “comparison-itis” and all the SHOULDS, will leave your juice for life all dried up.

Inside Luminess, we’re all about getting ourselves unsMothered.

Basically, this means unlearning all the ways we’ve been creatively and sensually stifled, learning to own and express our unique brilliance, and then practicing living in devotion to our whole selves (forever - without apology).


Well, actually it’s not that simple at all. 

That’s why we need each other.

Luminess stands for a new culture of feminine leadership, devoted to embodied exploration and creative expression.


We hold reverence for the alchemical possibilities available when we stay open to pleasure while honouring our pain.

Is Luminess the right place for your leadership to bloom?


This embodied feminine eco-system is a match for you, if:

  1. You have a vision for a more integrated, rooted, and re-sourced life
  2. You’re all about the slow-burn; favouring sustainable growth over flimsy quick fixes and cookie cutter success formulas
  3. You geek out on all things somatics and embodiment, wanting to learn, heal and grow through the wisdom of the body 
  4. You’re ready to uplevel and take integrated, meaningful action towards your desires
  5. You crave mature mentorship to enhance your creativity, visibility, expression and prosperity
  6. You long for a prosperous livelihood alongside mothering (without compromising your values)
  7. You’re ready to back yourself and expand into your potential - without burning out


If you’re an ambitious change-making woman with a curious spirit and wild dreams, then you’ve found your place to create the life of pleasure and prosperity you desire.



~ you will feel more clear and aligned with your purpose than ever before

~ you will heal and grow through pleasure, sensuality and somatic practice

~ you will embody your true creative nature

~ you will turn your grief into personal power

~ you will find courage you never knew you had (and lose shame and fear in the process)

~ you will access your authentic voice and express yourself with confidence

~ you will create positive sustainable impact as a changemaker 

~ you will increase prosperity in every aspect of your life

~ you will get serious about justice-oriented, socially responsible leadership

~ you will embody sovereign, integrated motherhood (the kind that heals generations)

Welcome to an intimate experience designed specifically for creative women leaders.

Where depth and complexity are honoured and pleasure and prosperity are redefined.

Here’s the uncomfortable truth:


Until we’re unsMothered from the cultural programming that tells us we’re NOT ENOUGH as we are, we will continue to let our shame cripple us and our longings lay dormant. 


Any of these sound familiar?

  • I used to love to dance / paint / write / make music, but I stopped doing that so I could follow a “sensible” career.
  • Mothering consumes all my energy and attention - I don’t know who I am anymore
  • I’m so overwhelmed with all the to-do lists, my head feels like it might explode
  • I’ve got so much emotional baggage. Numbing out seems safer than feeling it all.
  • Pleasure? Isn’t that something I give to someone else?
  • I don’t feel at home in my body. It feels like more of an enemy than an ally.
  • I care so much and want to make change in the world - but where do I start?!
  • I’ve got big goals, but I can’t seem to get in flow and gain traction!

The fact that these kinds of thoughts plague so many talented and capable women, is disastrous.

Within Luminess,
we’re devoted to changing all this.

Here’s the exciting truth: 

You are your own perfect medicine. 

All you need is to surround yourself with the right people to hold and support you as you reignite your sensual and creative flame, and learn to harness your unique creative expression.

The result?

More pleasure, courageous creativity and greater prosperity into your mothering, leadership and life.


Through delicious monthly embodiment and somatic teachings, expressive processes, feminine ritual, and pleasure and devotion practices, this intimate, transformative container will support your body to settle, regulate and increase capacity for the leadership, relationships, mothering and career you desire.

The Luminess Activation

 When you say YES to embodying pleasureyou’re saying YES to your creative expression.

When you say YES to your alivenessyou’re saying YES to an unsMothered life.


Are we hitting the sweet spot, yet?


Luminess is not for everyone. We’re looking for a specific kind of woman… is it you?


The kind of Diamonds we’re looking for:

- You’re ready to get a creative vision / venture off the ground OR you want to deepen, ripen and expand a current venture

- You want to lead from a place of embodied centredness & wholeness, as opposed to conditioned perfectionism & over-functioning

- You’re interested in cultivating integrated roots as a feminine leader; valuing and tending to somatic attunement, critical thinking, spiritual resource and creative expression equally.

- You’re sure there must be “a better way” to negotiate your aspirations alongside motherhood, that doesn't involve burning out or compromising your values.

- You’re tired of rejecting and distrusting your body and feel ready to dismantle the internalised misogyny that has held you back from honouring your sensual self

- You care deeply about the empowerment of women and girls, trusting that when you heal your feminine wounds, the ripple effect is real

- You’re ready to invest in your potential to reap the rewards (and learn to be a responsible custodian of money in the process)

- You’re committed to being a good human to all humans. This means doing the necessary work towards social justice for all.

If that’s you - we’d be thrilled to have you!

Yes, that’s definitely me!

“But I’ve got no time! How can I possibly luxuriate in the slow-burn of my desires? I’m hustling like a mofo and although healing and flourishing *sound* great, I can’t imagine how prioritising pleasure, sensuality and creativity will actually change my life?!”



PSA:  this is what our patriarchal capitalist culture wants you to believe. It’s how society keeps you conforming to the status quo and staying sweet, small and obliging.

Unfortunately most of the systems and structures we have in place were never designed to help women thrive.

They were designed to keep us from knowing and expressing our whole, creative, multi-faceted selves.

And we simply cannot stand for it any longer.

Luminess was not only created to disrupt “the way it’s always been”, but to take deep, embodied ACTION towards dismantling it.

This is a place where myths are busted around what’s acceptable and attainable for women and mothers, and new possibilities are born.

Whatever is keeping you from stepping into your ultimate Creatress - whether it be fear of failure, lack of self-trust, a history of trauma and grief, lack of business knowledge, a limited network of support, or disconnection from your innately creative and sensual self… this experience has what you need to dramatically uplevel your life.

We are devoted to your blooming.

See all the benefits of joining

Depletion might be common, but it’s not “normal”.

The unsMothered framework that underpins the Luminess experience is designed to teach you powerful, sustainable ways to re-source your internal reserves, and therefore increase your capacity to hold more of the good stuff while you tend to the hard stuff that life can dish up.

Benefits of joining Luminess: The Embodied Pleasure Pilgrimage

Here’s what you receive in this year-long experience:

- You get private 1:1 coaching and mentoring support with Kate Leiper (Luminess founder, mother, psychotherapist, feminine embodiment coach & teacher)


- You receive high level guest masterclasses taught by diverse and innovative women leaders, across a range of creative industries. These changemaking babes practice what they preach and transmit the powerful feminine codes you’ve been waiting for.


- You get the unsMothered Pleasure & Prosperity Pathway and the Diamond Mother Archetypes Resource Library - This is the core content at the heart of Luminess. The conceptual framework and array of powerful embodiment tools will support you in healing and expanding your capacity to step into the creative leadership you envision for yourself.

- You get guided somatic movement sessions and embodiment workshops on top of Masterclasses and Q&A coaching sessions. We’re all about awakening the unique, multi-faceted brilliance that is you - and this is only possible when you give your mind a break and get in your body.


- You get to take up space during RITE + Recalibration week each month! RITE stands for Radical Invitation To Express, so this is the week to flex your creative, expressive muscles to help integrate what you’ve been learning and exploring. If it feels good to share, you’ll be witnessed and celebrated by your Luminess peers, as you move through your own process of personal evolution.


- You get to hang with a posse of inspiring, creative women and mothers. We know how important it is to be surrounded by people who make us want to be the best version of ourselves, so come rub shoulders with quality humans uplevelling their pleasure and prosperity like nobody’s business (and access a pool of potential creative collaborators!)

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Get a glimpse into the journey...

What exactly happens on the Luminess Embodied Pleasure Pilgrimage?

Each month, alongside a dynamic group of peers, you will illuminate, deepen and enhance a new aspect of your unique leadership and bring your creative vision to life.

You get exclusive access to:

+ Quarterly 1:1 private coaching/mentoring sessions with Kate
+ Live monthly group coaching sessions
+ Live guest teacher masterclasses and experiential workshops
+ Embodied movement sessions and somatic toolkit
+ Creative & expressive rituals
+ A private online community of supportive teachers & peers

As Luminess Mavens, we voyage through luscious terrain; creating, collaborating and co-regulating together.



unsMothered: The Course


$497 USD Value / Inside Luminess = FREE

The ESSENTIAL first step on the pilgrimage is getting unsMothered. Unlearn the “good girl” conditioning that lives both inside and outside of you. Own your full power and expression. Shift into self-devotion as you live by the principles that honour you and your wholeness, always.

The Diamond Mother Archetypes


$997USD Value / Inside Luminess = FREE

Awaken and embody all facets of you, on an embodied journey through the 8 Diamond Mother Archetypes. From releasing tension, alchemising grief, making space for pleasure and tuning into your true desire, these 8 somatic gateways will increase your capacity for aliveness, in every way. Includes guided archetypal meditations and curated playlists.

Who will you meet along the way?

The calibre of guest teachers (AKA Luminess Leaders) you’ll meet on the 2022 pleasure pilgrimage is NEXT LEVEL!



When you become a 2022 Luminess Maven, you’re granted immediate access to the 2021 Luminess Leader Masterclasses. 

Meg Berryman - Regenerative Teacher, Coach and Consultant


Natarsha Bamblett - Miss Soul Inspires + Queen Acknowledgements


Amy Towle - Founder of Temple of She


Jenna Ward - Founder of School of Embodied Arts


Kate Foster - Writer, Therapist, Teacher


Corinne Beinke - Wild Rose Ayurveda 



These masterclasses will help you level up your leadership and expand your creativity - plus, they’re yours for life!

Who’s leading this expedition?


Meet Kate Leiper; mother of 3 daughters and unsMothered work-in-progress (cos the Patriarchy just keeps on giving, amirite?)

Bridging the realms of psychology and spirituality through the artistry of feminine embodiment, Kate’s ‘unsMothered’ principles and Diamond Mother Archetype framework are underpinned by a Graduate Degree in Drama & Education, a Master of Counselling & Psychotherapy, internationally recognised Feminine Embodiment Coaching Certification and current teachings around somatics and trauma healing.

Kate’s body of work is anchored in actively exploring feminine depth, self-intimacy and devotion, catalysed and sustained by embodied experiences of returning home to self, earth and spirit. 

Through meeting and honouring grief and wounding stored in the body, Kate guides mothers and nurturers into deeper relationship with personal expressions of sensuality and creativity; increasing capacity for building and sustaining wildly prosperous and pleasure-filled lives.

Kate's unsMothered approach is a unique framework that couples the intimacy of her lived experience with the wisdom of her professional mastery” - Jenna Ward, Coach & Founder of School of Embodied Arts

“Luminess is worth every cent” - Eva Rose, Naturopath

“It’s reassuring as hell to remember that I have full faith in my abilities and my future. I’m so grateful to the Luminess experience” - Charlotte Pointeaux, Menstrual & Moon Cycle Coach

“The unsMothered work has me feeling more safe and at home in my own body than at any other time in my adult life.” - Jenny Vallance, Pre and Postnatal Yoga Teacher

“I’ve already gained so much from Luminess and we’re only 2 weeks in!” - Claire Stephensen, Trauma & Music Therapist

“Number 1 fan over here. Luminess has been life changing for me personally, and for my business.” - Eloise Clare, Midwife & Hypnobirthing Teacher

“The unsMothered framework has been life-changing for me” - Jana Langford, Women’s Embodiment Coach.

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The Luminess Embodied Pleasure Pilgrimage 

is an anti-mastermind mastermind. 

It’s deeply embodied and entirely magical. 

It’s potent, yet spacious.

It will settle your system AND activate your desires.  

It’s where all facets of you are free to come alive

Pack your bags! Luminess begins February 1st, 2022.

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The creative odyssey awaits!