The Lair of Becoming

A 9 month Creative Feminine Leadership Mastermind

Each evolution of your leadership asks for a more intentional deepening and ripening of who you are and your gifts to the world.

It asks for you to drop beneath the pretence and own your magic, shadows and all.

The dark holds the mysteries of both loss and creation.

A deep cave of devotion that heals and rebuilds. 

Feel the rich, fertile soil of rebirth between your fingers. 


Are you ready to claim the unapologetic fullness of your most embodied, potent leadership?


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Welcome to Luminess 2023: The Lair of Becoming


Let me show you just how powerfully embodied your creative vision and feminine leadership can be, guided by your grief and enlivened by your pleasure.

Inside Luminess, we believe that tending to the holy ache of longing is crucial to living, loving and leading from a full and open heart.


  • you will feel more at home in your body than ever before
  • you will unravel and rebuild through pleasure, sensuality and somatic practice 
  • you will embody your true creative nature by making friends with your shadows
  • you will tenderly alchemise your grief into artistry, possibility and power
  • you will find courage through the dark feminine (and lose shame and fear in the process)
  • you will access your authentic voice and express yourself with rooted self-assurance
  • you will create a positive sustainable impact as a visionary woman of change
  • you will develop a greater sense of purpose in every aspect of your life
  • you will get serious about justice-oriented, socially responsible leadership
  • you will heal your feminine lineage through deep ancestral reverence and ritual

I see you and celebrate you.

A powerful woman doing important work in the world. 

Raising changemakers, serving others and aspiring to greatness.

And, I see the veil between you and your heartache.

I want you to know that embracing your loss with honest, courageous and heart-full reverence will open and anchor you into the mature, magnetic leadership you crave.

Becoming fluent in the language of grief as it moves through your body and shapes your life is a power move you’ve been taught to deny. 

Let me support you to get in right relationship to your own pain, so you can build the capacity and integrity to hold space for others, as they deserve. 

 Let your inner Creatrix finally burn down the house of false confidence and performative success and emerge from the ashes of good girl indoctrination for good.

Beloved; your light is captivating. 

Yet, the dark is where your true magnificence is revealed.

Grief has been my conscious companion for almost a decade.

Before then, all the losses I carried were buried deep, underneath truckloads of shame and fear. I didn’t know them as grief then - instead, I  just felt very angry and very stuck.  

My life blew up when my little sister died from brain cancer in 2019. A complicated, agonising journey for many years beforehand had me well acquainted with dark, unfathomable sorrow.

All of a sudden it was like all the grief of my life, my lineage and the collective surfaced in my awareness.

As a woman supporting other women in the realms of healing and wellness, I realised this was my fork in the road.  

I could trust my grief to usher me into the gifts of the underworld… 

or I could play the game of being palatable and sweet to keep everyone else comfortable.

I could float above, or I could descend.  

In the end, my body ~ so full of mystery ~ called me home.

With all this talk, it might surprise you that the Luminess Lair is actually a pleasure haven 💦

FYI: Grief & pleasure ARE NOT on opposite ends of the human spectrum.

Both are essential to your vitality and aliveness.

AND, both can be cause for overwhelming shame and self-disconnection for so many women - particularly high achievers.

Inside the Lair, we envelope shame in tender reverence and nurture self-connection through embodied practice.

We welcome grief as our guiding compass and pleasure as our medicine.

Envision an intimate space of sensual unravelling over 9 potent months in this unique mastermind. Where your bond with the living world is infused with new life and your creative nourishment is prized above all.

Inside this cosy nest is everything your heart desires to develop your creative leadership: 

Embodiment, somatic tools and grounded ceremonial teachings and practices; as well as intimate small group support to allow your most potent body of work to emerge - plus, inspirational creative sisters to hold the torch alongside you.

Say YES to the Luminess Lair 

Commencing February 27th, 2023


Luminess stands for a new culture of leadership, devoted to harnessing the unique wisdom of creative women born of the sacred alchemy of loss and longing.


We bear witness to the possibilities available,
when we open our bodies to pleasure while
holding loving reverence to our pain.

Does Luminess speak the native tongue of your desire?

You belong to this creative feminine motherland, if:

  1.  You hold a vision for a more rooted, integrated and re-sourced life
  2.  You yearn for the slow-burn and you understand that steady, sustainable growth is the leadership path for you
  3. You gravitate towards somatics and embodiment, wanting to learn, heal and grow through the wisdom of the body

  4. Under the ache of your grief lies the ache of longing for pleasure and wholeness

  5. You’re on the precipice of courageous new leadership terrain and want to take integrated, meaningful action towards your desires

  6. You crave mature mentorship to enhance your creativity, visibility and expression.

  7. You are tired of feeling tired and seek a sacred place of gathering where you can feel expansive and alive again.


The 2022 cohort of Luminess described the experience as a powerful embodied homecoming, expanding their leadership capacity beyond their wildest dreams.

"If you're a woman who knows there's so much more juicy aliveness deep within you, I can’t recommend Luminess enough!" - Ngaire Jones, Pre & Postnatal Exercise Specialist

"Before Luminess I wasn't able to accept that this deep grief I'm experiencing could ever dance with pleasure & desire. And yet, here I am blooming into leadership" - Naomi M, Mother and Creatress

What we’re conditioned to believe:

Grief and pleasure are relegated to the shameful taboo. We’re taught that grief is our own private suffering to endure and pleasure is a luxury granted only after productivity. If you’re a woman - pleasure is something you GIVE to others, most certainly not something you take for yourself.

But when we live by these rules, we allow shame to cripple us while our longings lay dormant. 

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • I ache to dance / paint / write / make, but everything else seems to come first
  • My creative vision both enlivens and terrifies me
  • I’m so overwhelmed with all the to-do lists, my head feels like it might explode
  • Grief feels like it’s drowning me from the inside out sometimes
  • Pleasure feels confusing and tangled up in worthiness, guilt and shame
  • Mothering / Work consumes all my energy and attention - I don’t know who I am outside of these roles
  • My body feels less of a cherished friend and more a vessel of productivity
  • My pain inspires me to make change in the world - but where do I start?! 

The fact that these kinds of thoughts plague so many brilliant women, is a tragedy.

Within Luminess, we’re devoted to your becoming in truth and aliveness.

Here’s the deep truth: 

Your grief is sacred and your pleasure is medicine - for you AND those who need your elixir. 

All you need is to surround yourself with the right people to traverse the depths and hold you as you reignite your sensual and creative flame.

The gold at the end? 

A profound sense of wholeness and vitality as a magnetic embodied leader.

 Introducing: Luminess ~ The Lair of Becoming

Through delicious monthly embodiment and somatic teachings, expressive processes, grief ritual, and pleasure and devotion practices, this intimate, transformative container will support your body to settle, regulate and increase capacity for leadership so you can birth your greatest body of work yet.

How will you expand into the leader you are born to be? 

The SensuAlchemy Method, that’s how.

 The SensuAlchemy Method is a multi-modal approach to embodied healing and empowerment that invites communion with and transmutation of the complex human experience of grief through explorations of sensual aliveness and embodied expression. 

This method is designed as a tool of the feminine resistance, developed with the intention of subverting a culture that pathologises grief and co-opts pleasure to drive shame and disembodiment - particularly in women.

This approach seeks to invite intimacy with the embodied feminine; through a deeper, more nuanced relationship to both personal and collective grief, all while opening powerful channels of liberated creative expression through explorations of pleasure and eros.

The Luminess Lair is an initiation into leadership with guts

 Will you descend with us?


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This Mastermind is not going to be every woman leader’s cup of tea

(or magical tonic for that matter).

The calibre of woman ripe for this experience is pretty darn special. 

  • You know grief intimately and you feel called to make art with the precious, tender wisdom of your heartache
  • You are a creative powerhouse in your own right and you’re ready to get a new courageous vision off the ground, OR you want to deepen, ripen and expand a current venture into something ultra potent
  • You want to lead from a place of embodied centredness & wholeness, as opposed to conditioned perfectionism & over-functioning.
  • You’re interested in cultivating integrated roots as a leader; valuing and tending to somatic attunement, critical thinking, spiritual resource and creative expression equally.
  • You’re so done with burning out and compromising your values.
  • You’re tired of rejecting and distrusting your body and feel ready to dismantle the internalised misogyny that has held you back from honouring your sensual self 
  • You care deeply about the empowerment of women and girls, trusting that when you heal your mother wounds, the ripple effect is real
  • You’re ready to invest in your potential to reap the rewards (and learn to be a responsible custodian of money in the process)
  • You’re committed to being a good human to all humans. This means doing the necessary work towards social justice for all.

If that’s you - we howl with joy to have you. Enter the cave, beloved.

I’m ready to enter the Lair

“I’m called into the creative, sensual depths of the Luminess Lair… but the idea of wading the waters of darkness both worries and exhilarates me. What if the abyss swallows me whole? I have a partner, kids and a life to keep afloat!”


I've heard this from many women (and have felt it myself). Let me show you how confident and capable you can be, when you feel safe and deeply trusting of your wise body.

In Patriarchal culture, befriending the shame and sorrow of your shadows is an act of embodied resistance.

The truth is, turning towards your grief with an open heart takes less energy than continually turning away. Being held in safety as you lean in, bit by bit to welcome your losses and longings, is the key to bringing you back to life.

The Luminess Lair is a sanctum of sensual re-creation.

A place that flips the script and invites you into magnificent re-shaping of self. 

Whatever has kept you from stepping into your ultimate Creatrix until this point, the Lair will tend to your wounds and be your cauldron of transformation.

Vitality awaits on the other side.
See all the benefits of joining

Benefits of joining
Luminess: The Lair of Becoming

Here’s what you receive in this 9 month experience:

Monthly live SensuAlchemy Method movement and expression sessions.

We’re all about awakening the unique, multi-faceted brilliance that is you. In the Lair, you get intimate with the gifts of your expressive soma and create from there.

Monthly Grief & Pleasure Rituals.

Invitations to tend to your heart. We honour endings and beginnings as opportunities for healing and expression as you grow and integrate as a leader.

Monthly live small group Creatrix Hot Seat coaching and mentoring

with Kate Leiper (SensuAlchemy School founder, mother, psychotherapist, feminine embodiment coach & teacher). This is where we hotseat your vision and refine the elements of your creative and service-based offerings - from behind the scenes project strategy to front of house embodied resonance and messaging. 

RITE + Recalibration week.

RITE stands for Radical Invitation To Express, so this is the week to flex your creative, expressive muscles to help integrate what you’ve been exploring. If it feels good to share, you’ll be witnessed and celebrated by your Luminess peers, as you move through your own process of personal evolution.  

Bonus guest masterclasses

taught by diverse and innovative women leaders, across a range of creative industries. These changemaking women practice what they preach and transmit powerful embodied codes to complement your live learning.

You get to connect deeply with an alliance of inspiring, creative women.

We know how important it is to be surrounded by people who make us feel seen and known, so this is fundamental to the dynamic of the Lair. Go forth and network with love, beauties!

I’m ready to apply

Get a glimpse below the surface...

What exactly happens inside the Luminess Lair?

Each month, alongside a group of peers, you will embolden and channel your desires into creative expression, integrate your grief into meaningful offerings, and enhance a new aspect of your unique leadership as you bring your change-making vision to life.

We do this through initiations into 9 Enigmatic Bodies:  Devotional somatic gateways to reverence and ritual.


The Devoted Body 

Find home in your body through the art of SensuAlchemy. Embody your holy commitment to the precious nature of your grief and pleasure. Embrace the descent.


The Desire Body

Follow the breadcrumbs of your desires as they emerge from the depths. Learn to walk the erotic edge between loss and longing; harnessing their wisdom into potent expression.


The Receptive Body

Learn ways to open and inhabit your grief; while being resourced by luscious avenues of creative and sensual exploration.


The Visionary Body

Clarify your vision for collective change through playing in the realms of embodied imagination; become a powerful transmission of possibility.


The Power Body

Lovingly liberate the parts of you that have been tamed and suppressed; making space for your bad girl body to return without shame. Welcome the mess, the bitch, the slut and the witch back home.


The Expressive Body

Play with movement, voice, writing and any other form of creative expression that ignites your soul and allows your inner creatrix to be seen, heard and felt in full glory.


The Erotic Body

Open to new channels of erotic energy and embodied pleasure to fuel your unfolding vision, amplify your magnetic resonance and expand your capacity to lead with courage.


The Vital Body

Begin to integrate the ancient and present-day wisdom of your grief with the new-found expansion and agency of your pleasure body; emerging as a leader sourced by aliveness and vitality.


The Infinite Body

In communion with the cosmos, celebrate and honour the vast intelligence of your enigmatic body as it has supported you in this grand re-shaping of self. Claim your leadership with a full-heart and turn towards your brilliance with pride.

As you delve into each enigmatic body, you will be supported by:
  • Live monthly small group Creatrix Hotseat Coaching with Kate
  • Live monthly SensuAlchemy movement and expression sessions
  • Grief and Pleasure ritual offerings to deepen and integrate your leadership
  • Guest teacher masterclasses to enhance your learning
  • A private online community of supportive teachers & peers

As a Luminess Maven, you will voyage through dynamic terrain; creating, collaborating and co-regulating as you go.

Apply to join Luminess 2023 NOW 

and take advantage of $4000 worth of bonuses 🙌🏻 

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So, who’s carrying the torch on this descent?

Kate Leiper

Feminine Embodiment Coach | Integrated Somatic Trauma Practitioner | Grief & Pleasure Alchemist

Known for her nurturing Mama energy and the gift of being able to see, feel and sense the deeper truths and possibilities in those she serves, Kate Leiper balances a robust academic background with a sharply intuitive, emotionally intelligent and deeply embodied approach to her work with women.

As Creatress of the SensuAlchemy School of Embodied Grief & Pleasure and the SensuAlchemy School Podcast, Kate completed a double degree in Drama and Education, a postgraduate and Masters degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy before she realised there was something big missing on her own path to healing. 

Reflected in the struggles of her women client’s, Kate too felt disconnected and distrusting of her body, stuck in a loop attempting to intellectually process years of sexual trauma and boundary ruptures. A longing to feel whole and reclaim personal power led her to the world of embodiment and somatics. 

Alongside further studies in integrative trauma modalities and certifying as a Feminine Embodiment Coach, Kate navigated the devastating diagnosis, surgeries and eventual death of her younger sister to brain cancer in 2019. 

This heartbreaking loss, plus a miscarriage and personal health crises, led Kate into developing a powerfully embodied, pleasure-oriented approach to grief and loss. Through the lens of the archetypal feminine, and with an emphasis on sensual movement, ritual and creative expression, Kate is devoted to sharing the healing gifts and leadership power of the SensuAlchemy Method to women all over the world.

“It’s reassuring as hell to remember that I have full faith in my abilities and my future. I’m so grateful to the Luminess experience” -

Charlotte Pointeaux, Menstrual & Moon Cycle Coach

“Inside Luminess, Kate provides a magical garden of exquisite, deep feeling, all-is-welcome exploration of what your body needs to move forward in the world”

Lauren Prideaux, Myotherapist & Feminine Embodiment Coach

“I started being creative and writing again, showing up for myself and speaking my truth; thanks to Kate and Luminess”

Christina Curcurato, Customer Service - Finance

“I’ve already gained so much from Luminess and we’re only 2 weeks in!”

Claire Stephensen, Trauma & Music Therapist

“Number 1 fan over here. Luminess has been life changing for me personally, and for my business.”

Eloise Clare, Midwife & Hypnobirthing Teacher

“I now hold a deeper understanding of my needs, desires and boundaries since the Luminess experience. Kate continues to guide me into new embodied levels of myself and my leadership”

Romina Lee, Feminine Embodiment Coach

“Kate's approach is a unique framework that couples the intimacy of her lived experience with the wisdom of her professional mastery”

Jenna Ward, Coach & Founder of School of Embodied Arts


When you become a 2023 Luminess Creatrix, you’re granted access to a selection of Luminess Masterclasses taught by feminine leaders of previous years.

Soak up the wisdom and teachings of:

Jen Murphy

Celtic Embodiment

Susana Frioni

Sacred Dance

Michelle Lynn

Embodiment Alchemy

Abigail Wake

The Awake Movement

Natarsha Bamblett

Miss Soul Inspires + Queen Acknowledgements

Amy Towle

Temple of She

Kate Foster

Writer, Therapist, Teacher

Holly Wodetzki

Sensual Embodied Dance

Kim Newing

Intuitive Guide & Spiritual Mentor

These masterclasses are like scrumptious side dishes to the live components of the Luminess experience. Soak up the divine wisdom of these exceptional women leaders for FREE inside The Lair.

Live Class Schedule & Program  

Monday 27th Feb | The Luminess Lair officially opens for communal connection

Tuesday 28th Feb - 7:30pm AEST  | Bless The Lair ~ Ceremony of Intention.

Initiation Ritual

This offering is made on the 1st of every month to initiate the descent into each enigmatic body

SensuAlchemy Embodied Movement & Expression Sessions 
  • Thursday 9th March - 9:30am AEST
  • Thursday 6th April - 7:30pm AEST
  • Thursday 11th May - 9:30am AEST
  • Thursday 8th June - 7:30pm AEST
  • Thursday 6th July - 9:30am AEST
  • Thursday 10th August - 7:30pm AEST
  • Thursday 7th September - 9:30am AEST
  • Thursday 12th October - 7:30pm AEST
  • Thursday 9th November - 9:30am AEST
Creatrix Small Group Hotseat Coaching 

You choose your best timezone friendly option

  • Tues March 21st - 9:30am AEST | Tues March 21st - 7:30pm | Weds March 22nd - 12pm AEST
  • Tues April 18th - 9:30am AEST | Tues April 18th - 7:30pm | Weds April 19th - 12pm AEST
  • Tues May 23rd - 9:30am AEST | Tues May 23rd - 7:30pm | Weds May 24th - 12pm AEST
  • Tues June 20th - 9:30am AEST | Tues June 20th - 7:30pm | Weds June 21st - 12pm AEST
  • Tues July 18th - 9:30am AEST | Tues July 18th - 7:30pm | Weds July 19th - 12pm AEST
  • Tues Aug 22nd - 9:30am AEST | Tues Aug 22nd - 7:30pm AEST | Weds Aug 23rd - 12pm AEST
  • Tues Sept 19th - 9:30am AEST | Tues Sept 19th - 7:30pm AEST | Weds Sept 20th - 12pm AEST
  • Tues Oct 24th - 9:30am AEST | Tues Oct 24th - 7:30pm AEST | Weds Oct 25th - 12pm AEST
  • Tues Nov 21st - 9:30am AEST | Tues Nov 21st - 7:30pm AEST | Weds Nov 22nd - 12pm AEST 
RITE & Recalibration Week

The final week of each month

Closing of The Lair Ceremony

Thursday 30th November - time TBC

Your Investment


$6000 paid in full | OR $667/month for 9 months

The Luminess Lair is more than a mastermind.

More like a creatrix-body-mind if you want to try and define it.

Join us in this nourishing cauldron of creativity and possibility, where your embodied capacity will deepen and expand within a nest of safety and respect.

Alchemise your grief into power.

It will be deeply embodied and entirely magical. 

It will be potent, yet spacious.

It will settle your system AND activate your desires.  

Let the darkness call you forth.

The veil will be lifted on February 27th, 2023.

Join Luminess

11 spaces only.