1. Lifting the veil on grief and feminine leadership

Season #1

For many women, the idea of pleasure also awakens a sense of grief. I know it once did for me. There can be an inevitable coupling between a desire to feel free to access and receive pleasure AND a sense of shame, fear, inaccessibility or disempowerment when it comes to the very same desire.

If you can relate to the idea of pleasure being laced with a kind of poison, you are valid in feeling this way. Your system might be interpreting your pleasure history through the lens of grief.

In Episode 1 of the SensuAlchemy School podcast, Kate provides the lay of the land when it comes to understanding grief differently through a feminist and archetypal feminine lens.

She delves into:

+ Embodied Grief work as a fundamental leadership responsibility - if patriarchal leadership won’t acknowledge this, then we MUST

+ How our culture has taught us to fear grief - much like we’re taught to fear anything that can set us free

+ The truth that grief can’t be healed - so what can we do with it?

+ How our sorrow can be experienced as the seed of our personal power OR a factor that unconsciously dominates our lives


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