3. Pleasure through the eyes of grief (and vice versa)

Season #1

Welcome to Episode 3 of the SensuAlchemy School podcast! When we become really aware of how our body is speaking to us and through us, it’s common that many facets of our emotions and experiences will surprise us. Today Kate unpacks pleasure through the eyes of grief AND grief through the eyes of pleasure; two different angles that might illuminate why you feel how you feel about these often intense human states.

Kate explores:

+ Why our programming around pleasure has messed with our ability to access true feminine pleasure (and the best definitions that Kate has found)

+ Why it’s common for grief to rear its head in embodied, pleasurable experiences - and how to be with it when it does

+ The truth that when women are able to cultivate a deeply honest relationship to both grief and pleasure, develop the skills to transmute them through expression and creativity, we can significantly open up our capacity to love, lead and make sustainable shifts towards positive cultural change

+ Some of the pioneering fields that inform the work of the SensuAlchemy School and the possibilities for women who want to show up differently as creative embodied leaders.


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