5. Grief is feminine (and a gateway to your embodied liberation)

Season #1

Patriarchy, in its need to control, dominate, and make logical sense of the abstract and the indefinable, does not feel comfortable with the feminine. 


It identifies the feminine at best as unproductive and pointless, and at worse a disruptive force to be boxed in and quietened, because it goes against the systems and structures that maintain the status quo.


Despite being an inevitable experience of life, grief is also an embodied state we’re taught we need to escape if we want to keep our dignity.


The nature and expression of grief has been culturally disparaged as messy, emotional, unpredictable and chaotic. Seeing a connection here?


Today on the podcast, Kate digs into what happens when we refuse patriarchy’s shaming and why grief is a feminine gateway to your embodied liberation.


It’s a potent reframe when we can understand this connection to be a blessing to unlearning shame and feminine wounding and re-learning personal power and emotional freedom  🙌🏻 


Kate explores:

+ The lineages she draws from in relation to the feminine principle (and the parts she scrutinises)

+ The connection between how the feminine has been shamed and disparaged in our personal and collective lived experience, and how our bodies carry this as loss.

+ How she experiences feminine lifeforce and the similarities between how she experiences grief.

+ The SensuAlchemy philosophy and method as a tool of feminine resistance

+ A new free online class I’ll be teaching on September 22nd called Bad Girl Body that will explore all this and more!




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