10. When life is a lot: How to honour your limits and let go to grow

Season #1

As Creative Feminine Leaders, it’s fundamental that the idea of meeting our grief edges, both individually and together in community; as well as acknowledging our limits when life feels way too much, is understood as pivotal to leading with embodied integrity.

As ambitious (read: over-functioning) women, when a tsunami of grief, overwhelm or struggle hits, how can we stop white-knuckling our way forward in pursuit of how we think it should be, and get honest and transparent about our limits instead?

Today’s episode explores how when we soldier on, past our physical, emotional and psychological limits, we are actually selling ourselves short by losing opportunities for true, deep, connection that can heal not only our own wounds, but make space for our loved ones, peers and communities to see their own potential for healing as well.

Some of the key ideas Kate speaks to are:

  • Building the shape of your soul work while tending to its continual cycles and evolution with a “loose hold”
  • Remembering that you are a new iteration of self every day - meaning you will face inevitable loss every day
  • Letting go as a state of devoted intention, asking us to lean into what is present now - instead of clutching onto the idea of how it should be.
  • Why our gifts can only come forward and be sustained when we are able to fully express ourselves (and why if we’re showing up in pretense or wearing a mask in our relationships or work, we’ll never live into our greatest gifts)


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