11. 5 masks of avoidance that grieving women wear

Season #1

Today on the pod, I share with you 5 masks of avoidance that grieving women wear. 

These masks aren’t labels, they’re not personalities, they’re not prescriptive. They’re not here to instill shame and a sense of failure. I’ve pulled these patterns together and given them names, to invite a gateway into curious somatic inquiry.

This is what it is to work with the creative feminine. To play with possibilities through feeling, sensing and seeing, more of who we are and why we show up the way we do.

Here’s what Kate explores:

  • The 5 masks: Good Time Gal, Spiritual Devotee, Free-Spirited Adventurer, Wonder Woman, Relentless Activist
  • The nervous system response connected to each of these patterns of grief avoidance
  • The cultural lie that all these masks are built on
  • How we can begin to notice our avoidance patterns and gently untangle from them


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