22. When life is shaped by death + apprenticing to grief with Elle Sweetman

Season #2

At just 25 years old, Elle experienced the sudden and shocking death of someone incredibly close to her and this forever changed the trajectory of her life. Elle shares so much wisdom around what it's like to choose the path of apprentice to grief and how aliveness can be found in the most unexpected places and the most incredible ways.

Today, Kate and Elle weave together a conversation around;

+ Elle’s current relationship with loss and desire as she reconciles a new identity and chapter in her life after ending a long-term relationship

+ How at 25 years old, the sudden death of someone Elle loved dearly shaped her into the woman she is today and lead her to be an “apprentice to grief”.

+ Why it’s essential for Elle to welcome her grief when it knocks - even if it’s uncomfortable for those around her

+ Kate and Elle share stories about what it might look like to involve our dead in meaningful occasions and why it matters for healing

+ The power of embracing symbols as a path to honouring loss


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