23. Living into what is and creating art from pain with Mary Lofgren

Season #2

Despite the fact that both of us have been practitioners of embodiment for some time, today’s guest Mary Lofgren and I get super honest about our own struggles. We also acknowledge how refreshing it is to be reminded that everyone suffers with loss and absolutely none of us have our shit together.

Mary Lofgren is a certified feminine embodiment coach and the creator of Come To Your Senses: a podcast and global community of truth seekers and soulful savants who seek to live artfully and embodied.

Today, Kate and Mary go deep on:

+ Mary’s sense of loss over what she thought her life would be in her 40’s and reconciling living into “what actually is”

+ The question of our culture’s obsession with mental health pathology and whether much of what we struggle with as humans is down to our unacknowledged, unprocessed grief.

+ Mary’s deeply vulnerably share of a relationship breakdown that now she perceives differently, through the lens of grief and longing

+ How putting pressure on ourselves to grieve “right” or be “fully embodied” in grief can actually create more angst and what might be more helpful instead

+ What it looks like to channel grief and bring about relief through beauty and creativity

+ Some of the regrets that both Mary and Kate have, about what they prioritised in the early stages of grief - particularly in relation to boundaries

+ The healing balm of honest conversations with women who speak to the reality of having loads of training, tools and knowledge and STILL not having it all figured out

+ Plus so many other giggle-worthy moments like Mary’s suggestion for a SensuAlchemy School dating App, the “suckle medicine” we both love about each other’s work and how neither of us have any idea how to be human sometimes


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