25. Daring to descend and rise again with Carly Mountain

Season #2

I believe the more we speak openly about what happens to women in mid-life, the better. More specifically, what happens when our lives as we know them fall apart, initiating us into the deep, dark depths of feminine mystery and metamorphosis.

My guest today, Carly Mountain knows this descent into the feminine underworld well. A psychotherapist, psychosexual somatic therapist, women’s initiatory guide, breathworker and writer, Carly’s work has evolved over twenty years of working with sacred practice and space holding; culminating in her new book Descent & Rising ~ Women’s Stories & the Embodiment of the Inanna Myth.

This conversation with Carly really impacted me. She speaks so powerfully about what it means for a woman to choose herself, her truth and what sparks joy and aliveness, even if it’s the most terrifying thing you can do.

Today, Kate and Carly explore:

 + What it actually means to “follow your truth” and the risky implications of doing so

+ The slow cycle of blossoming and shrinking on the path to self-growth and expansion 

+ The myth of Inanna and the journey of her descent and rising as the core initiation of the feminine

+ How important it is to be willing to make mistakes and learn from them

+ Why it’s important for us to respect the unique pace and rhythm of our body and nervous system when we rise after major loss or change

+ Urgency as a trauma response - when to pause and resource yourself before acting from an old wound

+ The sheer relief available to us when we find the safe communities and support on our descent and rise

+ So much stunning poetry that Carly shares to compliment our conversation - The Cure by Albert Huffstickler & Questro Muro by Anita Barrows


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