26. Myths of women’s sexuality & new pathways to pleasure with Emily Athena

Season #2

This episode with Emily Athena is pure gold. Emily is a somatic sex educator, coach, and the founder of EroSpark Movement, somatic sensual movement to ignite your aliveness. Drawing on her extensive background in dance, somatics, and comprehensive sex education, she supports people to release stress and shame, rediscover pleasure, and confidently embody their unique erotic essence.

I’ve personally experienced Emily’s work and I really love her take on women’s so-called Libido issues (spoiler alert - women usually don’t have a libido issue - but I’ll let you listen to this episode for more around that).

Today, Kate and Emily delve into:

  • How the heartbreak of suffering a back injury during her dance career lead Emily to her incredible work with movement, pleasure and sexuality
  • The myth of low libido that many women have accepted as true (and what is more likely to be happening in your relationship to sex and pleasure)
  • How can we learn the language of our pleasure body to find ourselves again
  • Emily’s passion for democratising pleasure and holding a wider lens of pleasure actually is
  • What it means to access pleasure in ways that feel safe and resourced after a history of trauma and loss
  • Some simple practices to begin to invite pleasure into your feeling body after a period of numbness
  • Some of the positives and the challenges that might occur when women come back to life through reawakening their pleasure (particularly when in relationship with men)
  • How men too are indoctrinated by cultural sexual scripts and how Emily supports them to see their participation in women’s disempowerment and untangle from the matrix
  • Emily’s message of loving compassion for those moving through identity shifts, sexual awakening and relationship challenges right now


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