30. Satiating desire and the creative ache with Jenna Ward

Season #2

Do you crave more wonder, creativity, radiance and sensuality in your life? 

If your whole body answered a resounding yes in longing to this question, then you’re not alone.

For most of us, the obligations and expectations long upheld by the modern over-culture make it really challenging to prioritise and devote to a more embodied life, connected to our truest knowing and deepest desires.

My guest today and her incredible body of work, opened my heart and mind to an entirely new way of being 6 years ago. Jenna Ward is a leading Feminine Embodiment Coach & Embodiment Teacher living between Australia & Holland. She works with hundreds of coaches and women to deepen their feminine gifts, inhabit their bodies more fully & coach in embodied ways.

Jenna and I dive into:

+ How Jenna is currently navigating her hunger for aliveness amidst the fast pace of life and a second pregnancy

+ What it means for Jenna to live in devotion to creativity and aliveness and why this is a muscle we can learn to continually flex in small ways each day

+ Confronting the void of confusion and longing when we find ourselves at the top of our game with everything we “thought’ we wanted

+ Jenna’s thoughts around our culture’s preoccupation with healing and how it won’t ever lead us to feeling the way we truly desire

+ How we can’t genuinely access our sensuality or creativity unless we’re willing to meet with the discomfort that stands in the way

+ When we stamp out our creative passions in favour of “making lots of money” and how this can really mess our overall sense of fulfillment in life

+ Why Jenna’s always willing to put everything she values on the table and consider whether it stays or goes if she’s not feeling in alignment with her deepest desires

+ The essential phases of making important decisions to ensure it’s a fully embodied yes or no before any action is taken

+ And SO much more!


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