31. Breaking Free from Taboo & Finding Self-Worth through Pleasure with Amy Towle

Season #2

When our world as we know it crumbles, the last thing most of us would ever consider is that such a catastrophe might lead us to exactly the life we’re meant to be living.

Today’s guest on the SensuAlchemy School podcast has one epic story to tell. From surviving a devastating career tragedy, to awakening to her full powerful expression and helping countless women take back their pleasure and by consequence their self-worth, Amy Towle is beyond inspiring.

Amy Towle is the founder of Temple Of She, a space for the Willing. As a Yoni Massage Practitioner and trainer, Certified Intuitive Guide and Registered Midwife, Amy has over a decade of experience working with women in powerful, yet vulnerable self-exploration.

Amy loves to push the envelope, get deep and dirty into the taboos of our world. She holds your hand as you push through the edge of your comfort zone.

Today Amy and explore:

  • The heavy acknowledgement of losses that often have to come before the lightness of freedom and beauty
  • How to peel back the beliefs and value stories that we carry that keep us from getting our needs met - particularly around pleasure and sensuality
  • The push/pull of shame and embracing that can happen during the process of liberating ourselves from social taboo 
  • Coming to grips with how we contribute to our own disembodiment - and the payoff we receive from staying numb and unhappy
  • Amy’s incredible story of major loss when she was involved in a modern day witch hunt as a midwife, and the amazing redirection her life took when she surrendered to her own personal evolution
  • Amy’s sexual awakening in the midst of it all, that lead to an entirely new relationship to her body, her pleasure and her contribution to the world
  • Amy’s exceptional Yoni Massage Practitioner training and why it’s the Gold Standard of trainings out there
  • What it looks like when a woman deeply embodies her own self-worth and what it means for both Amy and Kate to demonstrating leading in incongruence and with integrity


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