32. Remembering yourself through play, sensuality and Burlesque with Laura Jane Foley

Season #2

When was the last time you let yourself play, dress up, and express your full sensual self freely and without judgment? I believe that many of us are so hungry for these kinds of experiences… particularly if we’ve become disconnected from parts of ourselves that along the way, we decided were frivolous, silly, too much or over indulgent.

Today on the podcast, I have such a joyful conversation to share with you. I sat down with the gorgeously sensual and creative Laura Jane Foley and she was every bit as captivating as she is on Instagram!

Laura Jane is founder of Belle Empire Boutique & Events in Tunbridge Wells, England. She is a Feminine Embodiment and Sensuality guide using the modalities of Glamour Magick and Dance immersions to help heal the disconnect within Women. Her varied work and offerings assist women to rebirth into a state of empowerment, embodied pleasure and authentic expression so that they can infuse their life with self acceptance, love and magic.

Laura and I delve into:

+ How in really feeling the disappointment and sadness that her intimate partnerships haven’t brought her the pleasure and fulfillment she’s craved, Laura has become committed to “feeding” herself these things instead

+ Laura’s belief that we’re completely responsible for our own pleasure in life, and that the “work” is maintaining our own joy without expecting others to fill that space

+ Laura’s personal experience of disconnecting to her body in new motherhood and the ways and practices that she devoted to in order to maintain her own unique sense of self

+ How sensuality and glamour featured in Laura’s life (even in early motherhood) and how her self-expression in this time challenged other mothers around her

+ The difference between putting energy into your appearance for “the benefit of others” under the patriarchal gaze as opposed to expressing yourself in ways that feel sensual and alive purely for yourself

+ How the art of burlesque challenges all the cultural expectations we hold about women and celebrates the fullness of every woman exactly as she is

+ How Laura teaches women to unlock the parts of themselves that have been oppressed and suppressed and embody their “Burlesque Persona”

+ Why Laura created her brick and mortar store “Belle Empire” in Tunbridge Wells, UK and how she revels in seeing women learn, play and grow into themselves in this gorgeously evocative space


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