Evoke the full force of the feminine to lead with resilience, humility and heart.

5-week Online Embodied Leadership Immersion with Kate Leiper | October 6 - Nov 3rd


To deceive your body is to forsake your personal power 

So, of course it makes total sense that from the moment we exited the womb, we’ve been taught to do exactly that - right? 


Body self-deception is a well-honed skill of the good girl. 


We've spent most our lives practicing overriding the impulses, cues and desires of our body to ensure we strike a balance somewhere between being too little and too much.


But the losses incurred by a culture of feminine loathing take their toll... and we are tired.


Women’s bodies have been co-opted as patriarchal henchmen 


This means our instincts have been dulled and how we perceive ourselves is distorted.
The good news is that while self-deception is a learned skill…

embodied liberation and personal power is too. 


If you’re ready, I’m here to show you that your grief and power are intrinsically linked. 
I’m the shadow dancing wing-woman of your dreams.



Women, Grief & Power is for you, if: 


✨ You're a woman who teaches, heals and leads


✨ You know grief intimately - or you suspect there’s something here for you


✨ You’re pretty sure there’s a connection between how you feel in your body and your sense of personal power


✨ You want to explore and consolidate the link between what you’ve lost and what you long for (because there’s potent medicine here - you can feel it in your bones)


✨You want to step into great integrity, mastery and leadership; in full recognition of your soul wisdom and embodied brilliance


"Kate has guided me into embodying powerful aspects of myself I never knew existed."

~ Romina, AUS

"Receiving your teachings has been deeply moving and supportive for me."

~ Sharon, UK


Private access to the SensuAlchemy School online learning platform - all resources and recordings are yours forever!


4x weekly live teaching and integration calls - Come together for a group transmission each week


4x weekly pre-recorded embodiment audio processes - Soak up the feminine power codes each week in your own time


Weekly group Voxer support - Check in with the group and hear from Kate for extra support during the course program


Held and supported, you will embrace your shadows to unearth your full feminine potency as a woman and leader.


From Week 2 onwards, you will move through channels of embodied inquiry and feminine expression, to liberate the layers of grief that ache to be acknowledged and alchemised, and make space for your own unique and powerful flow to emerge.



Welcome, orientate and re-source



The Grief in Rigidity and the Power in Dynamism  

Explore and release patterns of control as they emerge in the body and psyche.

Embody your most adaptable and receptive self.



The Grief in Defeat and the Power in Intensity

Explore and release patterns of helplessness as they emerge in the body and psyche.

Embody your most confident and unwavering self.



The Grief in Deprivation and the Power in Satiety

Explore and release patterns of unworthiness as they emerge in the body and psyche.

Embody your most uninhibited, sensually alive self.



The Grief in Disembodiment and the Power in Rootedness

Explore and release patterns of disconnection as they emerge in the body and psyche.

Embody your most grounded, resourced self


5 week online embodied immersion

Commences October 6th | 10am AEST 


⚡️ Power Playlists

⚡️ Creative Expression Prompts

⚡️ Pop-up Q&A time with Kate


Kate Leiper


Feminine Embodiment Coach | Integrated Somatic Trauma Practitioner | Grief & Pleasure Alchemist

Through the lens of the archetypal feminine, and with an emphasis on sensual movement, ritual and creative expression, Kate supports women to be in honest relationship to grief, as a path to deeply embodied, rapturous, open-hearted life and leadership. 

As Creatress of the SensuAlchemy School of Embodied Grief & Pleasure and the SensuAlchemy School Podcast, Kate holds degrees and certifications in the Creative Industries, Education, Counselling & Psychotherapy and Feminine Embodiment Coaching. 

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Are you ready to meet yourself in full magnitude and magnificence? 


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If you have yet to be called an incorrigible, defiant woman, don't worry, there is still time

― Clarissa Pinkola Estés