Hold strong to soften, de-armour & lay down the feminine weaponry of your mother-line 

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We stand in reverence to our foremothers.

The resourceful ways they stayed safe, the lengths gone to protect their tender hearts.

In fierce devotion to us, their daughters, they passed the shields down. 

They advised us to stay quiet, so as not to anger. 

They urged us to stay small, so as not to draw attention.

Being a woman was a game of fitting in. A game of good behaviour. 

Obedience. Appeasement.

More than anything, they showed us that vulnerability was dangerous and sensitivity was a curse.

They taught us to be vigilant.

They shape-shifted and role-played to ensure everyone was comfortable and only then, might they relax.

Yet, as the shields moved down the mother-line, something insidious began to unfold.

The armour they carried with a sweet-lipped smile, turned into skin of the thickest kind.

What was once held as a guard of strength and protection, became the casing of feminine survival.

It became OUR trauma DNA.

The wounding and the weapons of our lineage.

The defences that coat our hearts and hide in the marrow of our bones.

That stand as barriers to our yearning and what we allow ourselves to have.

What might happen if we dropped our shields? 

What if we came together, relinquished our weapons & met our true strength instead?


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 In this class you will learn:

+ The impact of feminine wounding through your lineage and the important role that internal mechanisms of feminine weaponry have played in keeping you safe and supported, yet often at the expense of true intimacy, pleasure and joy.

+ An embodied ritual honouring the protective and strengthening capacity these weapons have provided you in your own life and the lives of generations of women who came before; followed by a powerful somatic process to help you soften the grip on your weapons, find safety in the body and create space for new nervous system patterning, powerful boundaries, and more grounded emotional responses when triggered.

+ The healing potential available in connections with other women and mothers through embodied process and somatic release.

This workshop is for you, if:

+ You acknowledge a tendency to harden and shut down, or appease and overgive (or a combination of all) in the face of emotional hurt and vulnerability.

+ You suspect this is how most women in your lineage have learned to stay strong and manage painful feelings and you’re ready to be a cycle breaker.

+ You long to disrupt this pattern by opening to more relational honesty and intimacy, yet you want to establish and maintain clear personal boundaries in the process.

Meet your teacher and hostess

Kate Leiper 

Mother, Creatress, Psychotherapist & Feminine Embodiment Coach

Bridging the realms of psychology and grounded spirituality through the artful practice of feminine embodiment, Kate’s ‘unsMothered’ principles and Diamond Mother Archetype framework is anchored in actively exploring feminine depth, self-intimacy and devotion, catalysed by motherhood and sustained by embodied experiences of returning home to self, earth and spirit. 

Through meeting and honouring grief and loss stored in the body, Kate guides mothers and nurturers into deeper relationship with personal expressions of sensuality and creativity; increasing capacity for building and sustaining wildly prosperous and pleasure-filled lives.

When you purchase Relinquish, you receive a second workshop 'Sipping from the Cauldron: Embodied Grief + Pleasure Alchemy for Visionary Women' for FREE!


The feminine weapons you’ve been handed down can now be lovingly released.

 Instead of passing them on unexamined, you can choose to unravel and de-armour, teaching your children a new, powerfully embodied way forward in these challenging times. 

Hold strong to soften, de-armour & lay down the feminine weaponry of your mother-line

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Disclaimer: If you believe you’re currently living in an abusive relationship or environment where your safety is legitimately at risk, you’re urged to seek appropriate support and protection. The processes and tools shared in this class are not intended as a substitute for the support and protection required in these instances.


If you’re concerned for your immediate safety, please contact organisations like those below, or search for an organisation in your area. (AUS) (USA) (UK)