You're invited to


Women’s Embodied Aliveness Retreat 
Sunshine Coast, QLD Australia
18-21 October 2024
Wouldn’t it be wild to choose self-devotion - if only for a few days?
Wouldn’t it be extraordinary to completely soften into the full spectrum of your being, with no expectation on you at all?
Wouldn’t it be revolutionary to be welcomed and adored for all of who you are, even the parts that you’ve hidden in shame?


Embracing the Holy Ache is the key to trusting your body in a world that says your body shouldn’t be trusted.


You’re invited to bring ALL of you
 - your most tender losses and passionate longings - 
to a retreat experience you’ll never forget.

Get ready to ignite a love affair with your body and with LIFE.



This one of a kind immersive experience is your guide home to wholeness and vitality.


By reawakening your senses through ritual, movement and expression, you’ll tend to the holy ache that’s begging for your attention and open to the healing medicine of the feminine.


Learn how to fully receive the beauty and wonder of life again, even when your heart hurts.


In luxury and with the utmost care, you are free to rest back into receivership for 3 nights and 4 days of blissful connection and full-bodied replenishment.


 + Core embodiment & nervous system practices

Experience the essential somatic and embodiment tools designed to help you feel more grounded and clear, expanding your capacity to feel truly vital and alive; so you can support your own healing from now into the future.


+ Earth, Fire, Air & Water Rituals

Bring even greater depth to our sacred time together by honouring grief and reclaiming desire through elemental rituals and offerings; so your unique experience can be validated and integrated to help you move forward.


+ Teaching and Q&A

Learn about SensuAlchemy Philosophy, the science behind grief and pleasure embodiment and ask any questions you like to support your journey to healing.


+ Sensual Embodied Dance Sessions

Set your inner sensual goddess free in these enlivening, liberating dance classes (all levels and abilities welcome!) so you can embrace the joy of existing in a body even when it feels tough.


+ Self-Inquiry and Compassionate Reflection

Befriend vulnerability and welcome curiosity in a safe, held container so you can soak up your own body’s wisdom and the wisdom of the group.


+ Partner & group exercises

Connect with the other women meaningfully and walk away with beautiful new friendships so the thread of the holy ache can be weaved in community beyond the retreat.


Embodied Meditations and Restorative Relaxation

To support states of deep flow and to regulate your nervous system, so you can find greater clarity and groundedness when you need it.


Creative Expression Sessions

Embrace opportunities to play, write, make art or music to powerfully integrate the teachings and practices, so you can release perfectionism and shine as the most expressed version of you!


+ Float in the crystal clear pool, bliss out in the hot tub & sauna or take a walk around the idyllic grounds

Take advantage of ample relaxation time and soak up the exquisite beauty of our secluded retreat accommodation and natural environment


...and so much more! 

This retreat is a perfect balance of communal gathering, learning and experiencing; alongside your own time to read, journal, rest and play for ultimate healing and rejuvenation.



"Working with Kate unleashed something inside of me, a juiciness and aliveness that was already there but buried under layers of patriarchal conditioning, perfectionism & my “good girl” persona. Absolutely life transforming! "

- Ngaire Jones, Holistic Pelvic Care Specialist

"Kate provides a magical garden of exquisite, deep feeling, all-is-welcome exploration of what your body needs to move forward in the world”

- Lauren Prideaux, Myotherapist & Feminine Embodiment Coach

Come home to yourself in a private location drenched in beauty


You’ll spend 3 nights/4 days enveloped in nature in this secret Noosa Hinterland retreat.
With 25 acres of outstanding landscaped gardens, a 20 metre private pool, 7 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms – sleeping up to 15 people. As soon as you turn into the driveway of this exclusive property your senses awaken, and you are drawn into a place of tranquillity that takes your breath away.
Enjoy gorgeously designed rooms on a first come, first served basis. Twin share in a 6 person cottage, a large 3 person private cottage or 2 king rooms located off the main house all offer peace and privacy.


Dear one;
Shame and guilt are the antithesis to life.
All the energy you’re using to “fix your brokenness” 
is only further depleting you.
It’s time to meet yourself embodied and whole.
Learn to trust your tender heart as a sacred messenger. 
It wants you to know you’re READY to feel.
Ready to feel hope and possibility
Ready to feel confident in your inherent worth
Ready to feel that creative spark again
Ready to feel your pain without being consumed by it
Shame has no chance when you create space to 
embody your precious longings and weave them into pleasure and joy.
Join us, courageous one. 
Choose your own revival and COME BACK TO LIFE.

What you will receive…


+ 3 nights accommodation in a stunning luxurious Noosa Hinterland property (exact address provided upon booking)
Arrival between 12-1pm on Friday 18th October, departing by 12pm on Monday 21st October 2024.
+ Fully catered, tantalising meals to nourish you; made with quality local produce and prepared with love by our beautiful & experienced chef Mary-Ellen from With Style Events & Catering.
+ 4 days of replenishing aliveness practice, sensuality and embodiment, ritual, relaxation and deep connection.
+ The love, guidance and support of Kate Leiper; an experienced & highly trained therapist, coach and facilitator, and supported by co-hostess Lisa Whiting; Sensual Embodied Dance Facilitator and Magnetic Manager of all the good things ;)
+ Invitation into a soulful, embodied community of women
+ An invaluable opportunity to reset, re-energise and reconnect to yourself in a space where you can be 100% YOU without diluting your fullness
+ Immeasurable experiences of sensual aliveness, honouring ritual and devotion to your heart
+ Post-retreat Integration package including music, home practices and creative prompts to support you once you return home.
+  Special SensuAlchemy School alumni rates on further experiences and training with Kate in the future



“I now have such a new appreciation for my body, music, writing and creativity. Before working with Kate, I would never have been able to truly accept that such deep grief could dance with pleasure and desire. And yet, here I am."

- Naomi, Mother  

“I started being creative and writing again, showing up for myself and speaking my truth; thanks to the work I’ve experienced with Kate” 

- Christina, Customer Service 

Feeling flutters of anticipation and ready to say YES to the woman inside you longing to emerge, vital and whole?

Save your spot!

EARLY BIRD: $2699 (ENDS 15th September)


Spacious Payment Plans Available




When you leave this experience:


~ you will feel more at home in your body than ever before
~ you will unravel and rebuild through pleasure, sensuality and somatic practice 
~ you will embody your true creative nature by making friends with your shadows
~ you will tenderly alchemise your grief into artistry, possibility and power
~ you will find courage through the dark feminine (and lose shame and fear in the process)
~ you will access your authentic voice and express yourself with rooted self-assurance
~ you will develop a greater sense of purpose in every aspect of your life
~ you will nurture and heal your feminine lineage through deep ancestral reverence and ritual



Book a Call with Kate
 OR if writing is more your thing, then please send us an email
In a nutshell…

The Holy Ache 
Women’s Embodied Aliveness Retreat
Sunshine Coast, QLD Australia
October 18-21, 2024.


A luxurious 3 night/4 day in person retreat like no other.
Your experience includes: 
Luxury accommodation | Delicious Gourmet Food + Drink |
Daily Sessions & Ceremony including Embodied Movement + Creativity + Ritual + Connection | Sensual Embodied Dance Sessions | Gifts | and More 
Early Bird = $2,699 | Regular Price = $2,899
* If you would like your own private room, please reach out and we’ll make it happen!

Frequently Asked Questions

Meet your Retreat Hostess

Kate Leiper

Feminine Embodiment Coach | Integrated Somatic Trauma Practitioner | Grief & Pleasure Alchemist

Known for her nurturing Mama energy and the gift of being able to see, feel and sense the deeper truths and possibilities in those she serves, Kate Leiper balances a robust academic background with a sharply intuitive, emotionally intelligent and deeply embodied approach to her work with women.

As Creatress of the SensuAlchemy School of Embodied Grief & Pleasure and the SensuAlchemy School Podcast, Kate completed a double degree in Drama and Education, a postgraduate and Masters degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy before she realised there was something big missing on her own path to healing. 

Reflected in the struggles of her women client’s, Kate too felt disconnected and distrusting of her body, stuck in a loop attempting to intellectually process years of sexual trauma and boundary ruptures. A longing to feel whole and reclaim personal power led her to the world of embodiment and somatics. 

Alongside further studies in integrative trauma modalities and certifying as a Feminine Embodiment Coach, Kate navigated the devastating diagnosis, surgeries and eventual death of her younger sister to brain cancer in 2019. 

This heartbreaking loss, plus a miscarriage and personal health crises, led Kate into developing a powerfully embodied, pleasure-oriented approach to grief and loss. Through the lens of the archetypal feminine, and with an emphasis on sensual movement, ritual and creative expression, Kate is devoted to sharing the healing gifts and leadership power of the SensuAlchemy Method to women all over the world.

About SensuAlchemy School

SensuAlchemy School is a sanctuary for embodied exploration, healing transformation and professional development for creative feminine leaders walking the erotic edge of loss and longing.

Be part of a declaration of embodied resistance against a culture that pathologises grief and co-opts pleasure to drive women’s shame and disembodiment.

Inside this community, we believe that grief & pleasure are feminine gateways to personal and collective power - and that our body will show us the way once we learn what it needs.

With this philosophy, I teach visionary women to heal their relationship to personal grief through embodied pleasure and creative expression; in order to live and serve as powerful agents of feminine liberation.