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When I was 7 years old, I witnessed something profound.

Something so peaceful, yet astonishingly powerful, that it set a path for my life.


I watched a woman birth a child. 

In the warm waters of a birth pool in the family room of her tranquil home.

That woman was my mother.

From that moment, I was programmed with a deep, undeniable trust in women as exceptional creatures, capable of immense strength and endowed with potential beyond their wildest dreams.

Yet as I grew, I was continually bombarded with cultural messages incongruent with what I KNEW, on a deep cellular level. 

 As a woman, I was taught to believe:

  • that my body didn’t belong to me
  • that my body wasn’t acceptable unless it looked a certain way
  • that some bodies were better than others
  • that pleasure was something I earned
  • that emotionality or sensitivity was weakness
  • that I’d only be taken seriously if I had “brains” and was “successful”

These poisonous messages found a home in my body, expressed as illness, self-sabotage, shame and fear.

My body felt more like my enemy, rather than my ally. 
Until she called me home. 


It wasn’t until becoming a mother 3 times over, that I realised how much I had betrayed and dishonoured my body in the past. 

It wasn’t until my 3 daughters became a mirror for my internal wounding, shame and fear, that I chose to reignite my relationship with my body, bringing her back into safety and giving her the love I needed to heal.

It wasn’t until I experienced a miscarriage, triggering health challenges that would at times bring me to my knees, that devotion to my body became non-negotiable. 

 It wasn’t until my beautiful sister suffered two concurrent brain tumors, ultimately leading to her death at 30 years old, that I turned to creative expression to help me navigate life with a broken heart.

 Over the years, the intensity of love and the agony of loss called me back home to my body.


 I could have ignored her. But I chose to get unsMothered, instead.

The unsMothered Framework

unsMothering is the cure to feminine depletion. 

It is the antidote to emotional, sensual and creative suffocation.

It is:

+ Un-learning the limited ideas we’ve internalised about the world and our place in it

+ Owning our power and the potential to create our richest life

+ Expressing ourselves honestly, authentically & creatively

+ Living in devotion to our ancestral, embodied wisdom

It’s finally leaving the shackles of feminine inadequacy behind and claiming the richness and depth of life on your terms.

unsMothering is the key to the Queendom

With this key:

  • numbness makes way for aliveness
  • politeness makes way for authenticity
  • shame makes way for expression
  • armoury makes way for intimacy
  • approval seeking makes way for creativity
  • smallness makes way for visibility
  • deprivation makes way for prosperity

To be unsMothered is to embody your wholeness.

Get unsMothered

Geek Alert:

Here’s some of my educational background for the geeky types (like me): 

+ Bachelor of Drama & Education (QUT)

+ Post Graduate Diploma of Counselling (ACAP)

+ Master of Counselling & Psychotherapy (ACAP)

+ Feminine Embodiment Coaching Certification (SOEA)

Fun Facts:

+ I’m the eldest of 5 siblings and my mum still lives in our childhood home which is the most comforting place I know

+ I’m married to a handsome half-Scottish rogue and we’ve been together 18 years and created 3 sassy daughters who inspire me to unsMother myself more every day.

+ I’m a Pisces Sun - Virgo Rising - Sagittarius Moon, a 2 on the Enneagram, a Human Design Generator and an ENFJ; which basically means I’m a sensitive idealist with a refined instinct and intuition, possessing a bizarre capacity to be extremely organised and get shit done, despite being easily distracted by pretty butterflies and invitations to eat cake. 

+ I’m a home-birthing, Montessori mama with a weakness for cocktails and dancing on tables.

+ Dancing, writing and swimming in the ocean are some of my favourite sensual and expressive practices 

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