Sipping from the Cauldron

Our burning world is begging us to feel.
Humanity is desperate for creative feminine leadership.

Leadership that rebalances power and emphasises connection.

Leadership anchored in honest pain and painful honesty.

Leadership sourced and re-sourced through the pleasure body.

Our burning world needs visionary women
sipping from the cauldron of aliveness.

Your grief is our sacred compass.

Your pleasure will get us there.

In this workshop, bind the heartache of your grief with the delicious potential of pleasure in your body, to allow for creative clarity and expression.

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We stand in reverence to our foremothers.
The resourceful ways they stayed safe, the lengths gone to protect their tender hearts.

In fierce devotion to us, their daughters, they passed the shields down.

The wounding and the weapons of our lineage.

The defences that coat our hearts and hide in the marrow of our bones.

That stand as barriers to our yearning and what we allow ourselves to have.

What might happen if we dropped our shields?  What if we came together, relinquished our weapons & met our true strength instead?

Buy the bundle now for $44

The UnsMothered Collection

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+ The unsMothered Pleasure & Prosperity Course (5 modules to unsMother and embody your truest desires, through un-learning, ownership, expression and devotion)

+ The full Diamond Mother Archetypes Embodiment Resource Library 

(8 juicy Archetype Videos, Meditations and Playlists to explore your multifaceted feminine)

+ 4x 90minute Embodiment Workshops: 

- Relinquish ~ Hold strong to soften, de-armour & lay down the feminine weaponry of your mother-line 

- Sipping from the Cauldron ~ Embodied Grief & Pleasure Alchemy for Visionary Women

- Seduce the Muse ~ Embodied Expression Masterclass

- Hips ~ Sensual Resourcing for {exhausted} Creative Women

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