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Motherhood + Messy Truths

Do you long for your kids to honour their dreams and follow their hearts?

Then mama, you’d better show them how.

If you feel like you’ve lost yourself under the weight of sacrifice and expectations, you won’t want to miss these 7 inspiring conversations with modern mothers from around the globe. Let’s reignite the fire in your belly again!


Embodied Invocation Guide

Have parts of who you really are been silenced by shame, fear and conditioning? It’s time you honoured all facets of your rich and wonderful feminine identity, mama.

The Embodied Invocation Guide is a comprehensive outline of the 8 Diamond Mother Archetypes, unpacking:

+ What each Facet of the Mother represents
+ Attributes and shadows
+ Dominant Energy

Plus, you'll find bonus information about how to invoke and embody all 8 archetypes, by using the elements, colours, oils, crystals, mythical symbolism and more!


First Aid For Mothers

The First Aid for Mothers Mini E-Course was created to help Mothers connect to their body, regulate the nervous system and tap into the re-sourcing nature of feminine pleasure and desire in challenging times.

On purchase, you’ll be emailed the Sanity Rescue PDF Cheat-Sheet, linked to 5 powerful First Aid video lessons.

The somatic tools and processes outlined in the videos are simple, practical and easy to refer back to whenever you feel like your sanity needs a rescue!