9. Embrace your darkness and deepen into potent feminine leadership

Season #1

Regardless of whether your leadership extends to a family room, a classroom, a boardroom, or a zoom room; if you’ve traversed your own darkness and befriended the shadows of your grief, your people will find, love and respect you, because of the integrity you bring to the table. 

I’ve got many thoughts around this, so this week’s podcast is essential listening if you want to bring more depth and congruence, open up to greater creative flow, and ultimately feel confident to bring more of YOU to your intimate relationships, mothering, work and leadership.

Some of the key areas Kate speaks to are:

+ The specific support women need to shape their grief into social impact

+ The Fuck It Factor as a force for mobilising feminine leadership

+ Why we can’t trust “high vibe” leaders

+ Embodiment as an artful bridge between sorrow and power


Resources mentioned in this podcast:


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