24. Weaving Grief into Creative Feminine Magic: A Roundtable Conversation

Season #2

I invited 3 very special women and past clients to speak with me on today’s episode about their own “fork in the road” moments. You know the ones, the moment that comes where you feel, so clearly and powerfully, that you can no longer live the way that you’ve been living.

For these women, Romina Lee, Lauren Prideaux and Christina Curcurato, a major factor in their evolution of self has been shifting and strengthening their relationship with grief. Learning to trust their embodied wisdom around grief has helped them break painful cycles of wounding and self-betrayal for themselves and their children.

Today they share their personal stories, describing how they’ve learned to weave their grief into creative feminine magic.

In this juicy roundtable conversation, we dive into:

+ What it’s actually like to reawaken a deep, trusting connection to your body and when it was that each of them realised "coming home” to themselves had to become non-negotiable

+ What they each lost and what they each gained in their own processes of embodied reclamation (people, places, beliefs, behaviours, communities, desires, dreams that had to go in order to make way for the new)

+ How they’ve learned to reconcile a new relationship to their grief as they’ve personally grown and evolved (and why this matters)

+ Wise words of comfort and encouragement for the woman who feels disconnected from herself and stuck in a holding pattern as a result of a major loss or change or revelation


- Romina speaks about her personal reclamation regarding her intimate relationships and walking her talk as an embodied woman, 

- Lauren shares her profound evolution as a cycle breaking mother of two

- Christina talks about her health crises as a catalyst for change and motivation to reconnect to her creativity.

Today I also announce that enrolment is again open for GriefWeavers - my 4 week course for women wanting to tend to their grief and return to aliveness through connection to source, soma and psyche. We start June 6th and you can get all the information at kateleiper.com/griefweavers 


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