28. Birth trauma recovery & learning to love your postnatal body with Prudence Todd

Season #2

So much of what we believe to be normal as women, particularly in relation to pregnancy, birth and postpartum - and particularly when it comes to the capability of our body and the pain and challenges that arise after babies, is pretty darn concerning. 

We’re often so accustomed to hiding our physical or emotional challenges to do with our female anatomy and reproductive system, because of how much shame we might carry or because of cultural stigma we’ve internalised about how women’s bodies should be and should function, so today’s conversation is going to bring this to light.


My wonderful guest today, Prudence Todd is the Founder of Your Womanhood and is deeply passionate about women’s experience of womanhood, birth and beyond.


As a previous Midwife and now Holistic Pelvic Care Practitioner and Restorative Pilates Instructor, Prudence helps women heal their heart and body after birth trauma with her online and in person healing sessions. She specialises in guiding women to reconnect with their bodies, access their intuitive wisdom and medicine within and in turn heal pelvic floor trauma and dysfunction.


We cover so much terrain in today’s conversation. From Prue’s take on sexual wellness and the fact we’ve both lost siblings, I have no doubt that there’ll be something for you today. So sit back and enjoy my chat with Prudence Todd.


Today, Kate and Prudence explore:

+ Prue’s experience of leaving mainstream midwifery behind and carving out her dream work helping women heal their hearts, bodies and minds in motherhood

+ Prue’s own history of antenatal and postnatal depression

+ The grief women contend with when their childbirth experience doesn’t go the way they hoped

+ The ways the systems meant to support women in pregnancy, birth and postpartum fail us and how we can advocate for ourselves with knowledge and compassion

+ How we’ve been cultured to feel ashamed when our bodies don’t work the way we want or expect them to (and why keeping our injuries or conditions secret can do major harm as we age)

+ The body as medicine - how Prue supports her client’s holistically to regain pelvic health and wellness

+ My own process of forging a healing connection with her cervix after surgery (and a terrible unintended pun to listen out for!)

+ We also find common ground with their stories of sibling loss, and how this heartbreak has changed the way we interact with life.


This conversation with Prue was so nourishing for me. Even if you’re not a biological mother, if you inhabit a body you’ll be comforted by the humanity of her personal journey and messages of deep self-compassion. 


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